To the via the first referee and practical shooting training course

Yesterday, Sunday, courses for referees and practical shooting coaches (APSC) were launched under the supervision and organization of the Saudi Shooting Federation in collaboration with the Leaders Preparation Institute, which will last until October 19, with the participation of 40 trainees as the first course for referees and coaches to be held in the sport of practical shooting, at the headquarters of the Saudi Shooting Federation in the city of Public Security Training in Riyadh.

His Highness the President of the Federation, Prince Saud bin Khalid, declared that the course is part of the calendar of preparation and preparation courses of the Federation for the 2021 sports season, through which the Federation intends to establish a generation of sons and daughters of our dear country, where accredited and specialized teachers of the International Organization of Practical Shooting were attracted to take on the aspects of technical preparation by holding conferences and introducing all aspects of safety and security for this ancient sport.

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