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To the via the hearings of the European Court of Justice on the UEFA Super League case

Luxembourg: The European Court of Justice of Luxembourg, the highest court in the European Union, began hearings on Monday in the case concerning plans to launch a new tournament called the “European Super League”. The hearings will take place over two days and will focus on issues related to how football is managed and its competitions organized. The European Super League has filed a lawsuit against the European Football Federations (UEFA) and the International Football Association (FIFA) before the Madrid court, arguing that the two associations are violating European competition law by monopolizing the organization of international football competitions. professional football. The lawsuit aims to show that UEFA and FIFA opposed the launch of the European Super League “by abusing their dominant market position in relation to the organization of international football tournaments in Europe and the commercialization of the rights related to these tournaments. “The owners of the case have asked for protective measures to allow the club to found, organize and participate in the European Super League, as well as participate in other tournaments. The Madrid court has referred the case to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the consideration of competition law issues. The hearings are at prime stages of the judicial process. As of April 2021, 12 club they announced the idea of ​​launching a tournament under the name of “European Super League”, but the plan fell apart in a few days, in light of widespread protests by fans, leagues and federations. Nine club they have withdrawn from participation in the idea and are six club English represented in Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid. But Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus continued to stick to the plan, and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said late last year that the UEFA monopoly violated EU law. The European Court of Justice has held that all 12 club they are shareholders of the Super League company, which is taking legal action. The court’s attorney general is expected to release his report after the hearings and the verdict will be issued several months later. (Dpa)


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