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Today… the first working day of Friday in the Emirates


Today, the Emirates began implementing jobs for the first time on Friday, for half a day, for federal government agencies and most local authorities, while money markets operate according to normal business hours until three o’clock. afternoon.

Last month, the UAE government announced the new weekly work system for the federal government sector in the country, four and a half working days, Monday through Thursday, and half working days on Fridays.

The government has stated that the weekly vacation will be Saturday and Sunday, starting from the beginning of quest’year.

The decision applies to all federal government sector entities in the country, where official working hours, in based on the new decision, it will be from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Thursday, 8 working hours.

On Fridays the working hours will be from 7:30 to 12:00 (4 and a half hours).

The new system will include the ability to enforce flexible working hours and the remote working system on Fridays in federal authorities, as long as the federal authorities approve the enforcement mechanisms and as required by the interest of the workflow in these authorities.

Additionally, according to the decision, the schedule for the Friday sermon and Friday prayers has been standardized to be 1:15 pm at the state level throughout the year.

The government predicts that the new weekly work system in the UAE will support the government’s improved performance and productivity in work, improving the country’s competitiveness and solidifying its position among the most attractive countries for work and life in the world. The new system will also establish the flexibility of the government’s work and its ability to quickly adapt to any change and development in Worldwide. It will improve performance and productivity levels and improve the quality of life in the workplace.

The Federal Government Human Resources Authority had submitted a proposal for the new weekly work system and included it with studies standard at the level of the countries of the region and one studio of complete feasibility to monitor the expected results in terms of increasing labor productivity in the public sector, stimulating the country’s economic movement by increasing local consumption as well as strengthening family and community relations.

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