Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony: Start Time, how to look

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony: Start Time, how to look

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics takes place at Japan’s new Olympic Stadium.

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The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony almost here.

What can we expect? It is difficult to predict. All signs point to the opening ceremony celebrating Japan’s contribution to technology, video games and souls. If you remember, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has transformed up at the handover ceremony in Rio, Brazil dressed as Mario.

Reports say the opening ceremony will be scaled back back thanks to the spectrum of COVID-19, but it will still be worth seeing in TV. Expect the unexpected, that’s all we’re saying.

When the opening ceremony takes place start?

The The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics takes place to Friday, July 23 at 7:00 am EDT (4:00 am PDT).

In the UK, that hour translates in noon BST on Friday 23 July.

In Australia it is 9pm AEST on Friday 23 July.

How to watch the opening ceremony?

In the United States

NBC is broadcasting a huge amount of day one Olympic Games coverage, including the opening ceremony. You will be able to watch it live coast to coast. NBC will broadcast in all time zones of the United States starting at 6:55 am EDT (3:55 am PDT) for the true first time.

NBC will do it also re-broadcast the event at 7:30 PM EDT (4:30 PM PDT).

Residents of the United States do not need a TV subscription via cable or satellite in to attend the opening ceremonies. All of Mayor live TV streaming services include NBC. If you live in a area with good reception, you can attend the Opening Ceremonies on NBC for free just by connecting an inexpensive indoor antenna (under $ 30) to almost any TV.

The opening ceremony and the replay also flow in 4K HDR on two services, FuboTV and YouTube TV. To see below for details.

To read more: Tokyo Olympics: look in 4K HDR with FuboTV, YouTube TV or broadcast

YouTube TV costs $ 65 per month and includes NBC. Plug in your postcode on his welcome page to see what the local networks are available in your area. Read our YouTube TV review.

To look in 4K HDR you will need for subscribe to sign up for the company new 4K option which costs $ 20 in more per month on higher of the $ 65 regular monthly rate – although there is a 30 day free trial which is quite long from last throughout the Olympics. The 4K feed is not available in every market however; here is the full list.

FuboTV costs $ 65 per month and includes the five NBC channels. Click here to see what local channels you get. Read our FuboTV review.

Unlike YouTube TV, 4K. by Fubo coverage of the Olympics did not cost something in more. Unfortunately he is alone available in five markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth and Boston.

Peacock offers three tiers: a limited free plan and two Premium plans. The ad-supported Premium plan costs $ 5 per month and the ad-free Premium plan costs $ 10 per month. Peacock won’t show the opening ceremonies Opening live but you can watch the replay on or of the prize plans. Read our Peacock review.

All of the live The above TV streaming services offer prove free (except Peacock, which just has a free tier), and all allow you can cancel in any time and you need a solid internet connection. To look for more information? Check out our live-Guide to TV streaming services.

In the United Kingdom

In the UK the BBC and Eurosport have the rights to the Tokyo Olympics. Since everyone in the UK has access to the BBC, it will most likely be the simplest thing way to look. Sara broadcast live on BBC One and available for streaming on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website.

In Australia

Much like in the United Kingdom, the Tokyo Olympics is available to look on free of air TV. The opening ceremony will be available to look live on Channel 7 o via the 7plus streaming service.

How to look at others? international transmissions

You want to watch the Olympics via a streaming service from another country, or in another language? Try a VPN for change your IP address. See the best VPN currently recommended by CNET editors.

Where will the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony be held? place?

The opening ceremony will be held place at the National Stadium of Japan, also known as the Olympic Stadium.

What can we expect at the opening ceremony?


Shinzo Abe, wearing a Mario hat at the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics.

PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP via Getty Images

Olympics opening ceremonies typically celebrate culture of the host country, enriched by some theme. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, for For example, the theme was unity. These events could be expensive, often costing upwards of 100 million dollars.

Japanese opening ceremonies have traditionally celebrated ancient Japanese culture, but former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dressed up up as Mario during the handover at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony, so many expect Nintendo’s mascot show up in an opening ceremony more dedicated to the impact of Japan on technology and popular culture.

Could we finally see Naruto at the Olympics opening ceremony? We can dream…

The producer Marco Balich has also said that in somehow COVID-19 will be referred to during event.

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