Tokyo stock index loses profit after Abe injury announced

Trading data showed on Friday that Tokyo’s main stock exchange, the Nikkei, has retracted its earnings after it was announced that former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was injured in a shooting.

By 06:42 Moscow time (12:42 Japan time), the Nikkei stock index reached 26,577.62 points, up 0.33% from the opening level, according to Bloomberg.

Prior to the announcement of Shinzo Abe’s injury from the shooting, the index was at 26,871.33 points (at 11:30 a.m. JST), and thus the index lost its recorded gain at the time of trading, knowing that the Index opened trading at 26,623.85 points. .

Japanese media indicated that Shinzo Abe was taken to the hospital unconscious after being shot, and stated that “the former Japanese prime minister is showing no signs of life.”

Source: RT + Bloomberg