Tom Clancy’s Division 2 will get Permadeath mode next week and … snowballs?

Tom Clancy's Division 2 will get Permadeath mode next week and ... snowballs?

Tom Clancy’s Division 2 will receive a full hardcore mode with their next update on December 10th. In addition, there is a gun with holiday motifs and garments so players can run around in Christmas hats and throw snowballs at each other.

“Situation: Snowball” is the name of the event in the game, which begins on December 10th. “Some of the elusive enemies in Washington DC are particularly proud to be celebrating, wearing a bright red Santa hat and taunting them,” says a commercial e-mail from Ubi. “If you defeat these enemies, you’ll throw a new, exclusive weapon that shoots … snowballs. “All right!

More importantly, Division 2, 6.1’s next title update offers a new hardcore game mode where death is permanent. “With no chance of resurgence, the division’s agents must be tactical and careful to see how far they can get,” Ubi said in a press release. “Play in co-op mode for a better chance of reaching the final and overcoming the threats and enemies of Washington D.C.”

The title update will include a “Silent Night” cache with 35 unlockable cosmetics. Players who sign up by 7 January will receive a free key to open the goodies. Players who sign up for Division 2 DLC season pass receive three free keys.


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