Tomorrow 6 teams will compete for the Open Championship of the Kingdom of “women’s volleyball”

Tomorrow will take the via the final phase of the Open Volleyball Championship for Women of the Kingdom, which will be held over 4 days at the Princess Nourah University Hall in Riyadh, with the participation of 6 divided teams in two groups: Al-Nasr, Blockckers and Al -Accademia Ittifaq.

The opening match of the first round will bring together the Phoenix and Blueguys 1 teams at (3:30) in the afternoon, while Al-Nasr will meet the Al-Ettifaq Academy at (6:30) in evening in prime matches of the second group.

It should be noted that the first classified of each group qualifies directly for the final of the Kingdom Open Volley Championship, this being the last stage of the championship after the conclusion of the regional qualifiers, which saw the participation of 14 teams at the level of the Kingdom, of which 6 teams qualified for the final stage.

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