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Tomorrow at via the semi-finals of the Kingdom women’s football championship

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the semi-finals of the Championship of the Kingdom will begin, the last stage of the first Saudi football championship, and the teams qualified for this group completed on Sunday, after the quarter-final matches that took place on Saturday and Sunday. at the reserve stadium of King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, and the first phase of the championship is finally over in Regions League (Western, Central, Eastern), in precedence.

The quarter-final matches have resulted in Al-Yamamah, Jeddah Eagles, Al-Tahadi and Women’s Kingdom qualifying for the semifinals, and its competitions will take place next Wednesday.

Tomorrow, in the first match, the women’s teams of Al-Yamamah and Al-Mamlaka will meet tomorrow at 6:00 local time, while the second match will see the teams of Jeddah and Al-Tahadi reunite, at 9:00.

The quarter-final matches have seen results record, when Al-Yamamah’s team swept Saturday via its counterpart Meraas with eight goal clean, reserving the first card for the semifinals, while the Jeddah Eagles overtook Sama’s team with a score of 3-1.

In my game yesterday, Sunday, the team challenge managed to override the eastern provincial champion, the Eastern Torch team (2-1), while the Storm and Women’s Kingdom match extended for additional times, after the original match time ended in A 1-1 draw, and the result remained unchanged. A change in the first half overtime, before the Women’s Kingdom decided the game by scoring the second goal in the second overtime, and ended the game in their favor (2-1 ).

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