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Tomorrow .. the Kingdom participates in the celebration of the International Day of Seafarers

The Kingdom participates in the countries of the year in the celebration of the International Day of Seafarers, which was set by the International Maritime Organization “IMO” on June 25 each year to increase interest in seafarers and take care of the their safety as the main pillar in the operation of ships and raise awareness of the application of maritime safety and security rules to achieve safe maritime navigation.

The Kingdom has achieved results in training and educating Saudi youth to operate and maintain ships and maintain, with its association with many international safety-related conventions and treaties, which demonstrates its passion for caring for seafarers and maintain their safety.

The college of King Abdulaziz University’s Maritime Studies is the only one in the Kingdom to issue undergraduate degrees and certificates of international and professional maritime proficiency, enabling them to work aboard “offshore” ships that cross seas and oceans, transporting strategic cargo and support the economy and international trade.

The college also works to qualify Saudi youth scientifically, academically and professionally according to a curriculum that applies the standard of the International Maritime Organization stipulated in the international treaty “STCW” and its amendments to qualify, educate and train seafarers, including the arts of safe navigation, operation and maintenance, fundamentals of safety, maritime safety, safety of life and property and conservation of the environment .; To graduate with an international academic and professional certificate as a second naval officer in maritime navigation, an academic degree in marine engineering and a certificate of international professional qualification as a third marine engineer.

The college issues safety course certificates of all kinds, valid for a period of five years.The holder cannot work on board ships without them and exercise his special arts on board ships in A training phase for a full year on board the ships in Offshore maritime, dialogues with its graduates both to obtain advanced specialized courses, to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of maritime transport, and to renew course certificates or professional certificates.

The College communicates with its graduates through the College’s Graduates Unit to provide support and advice, and serves as a liaison between them and shipping companies to find the best job opportunities for them, a promising field for the people of the country.


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