Toni Braxton wishes his sister, Trina Braxton, a happy birthday and marks the event with this funny video

Toni Braxton Wishes Her Sister, Trina Braxton A Happy Birthday And Marks The Event With This Funny Video

Toni Braxton is a little late, but that did not stop her from wishing a happy birthday to her sister, Trina Braxton. She shared some excerpts from their family show on her social network account to mark this important event.

Check out Toni’s post below:

Someone commented, “Happy birthday to your sister”, and another disciple posted this: “Happy birthday, Trina Bean.”

A follower laughed and said, “I can not even imagine having all these lmao sisters”, and someone else posted this: “I’m with you !!” Happy birthday, @ trinabraxton1. I love you Toniiiii 😘 ‘

A commentator wrote: “Happy birthday @ trinabraxton1, I hope your day is amazing because you are great,” and someone also mentioned Tamar Braxton: “Thanks @tamarbraxton, I needed that laugh. “

An Instagrammer jumped in the comments and said, “Trina is my daughter at home in my head. Love him! Happy birthday, Miss Trina! #Family first.’

Someone posted: “Happy birthday @ trinabraxton1, I really hope you enjoy your special day”

One commentator wrote, “I love them, I like them. Every time I hear Trina speak, I remember when Toni asked Ms. E. if she had received it from Canada or anything like that. Hahaha. ‘

In addition, Toni also celebrated the birthday of his son, Denim Braxton: he is 18 years old! She shared the most moving video of her account on social media.

“I can not believe that my little man is a man now!” Happy 18th to my @denimbraxton, I love you, my son! T ‘Toni subtitled his post.


It seems that Braxtons have a lot to celebrate these days!

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