Tony Experiences Racism After Scoring Goal Against Arsenal

Brentford Football Club has strongly condemned the racist abuse directed at their striker Ivan Toni Sui following his goal against Premier League leaders Arsenal on Saturday. Tony, who scored the equalizing header in the 74th minute, was also subjected to taunts after Brentford’s 2-0 win over Brighton & Hove Albion last October. In a statement released on Sunday, Brentford expressed their disgust and sadness at the situation and said they were working with Arsenal to identify those responsible. Arsenal also released a statement saying they deplore any form of discrimination and will take the utmost action against anyone involved in hate messages.

The goal was initially allowed to stand after a lengthy review of the video assistant refereeing system, but Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta had since questioned its validity, claiming Tony should have been ruled offside. On Sunday, the Referee Committee acknowledged the mistake in calculating the goal.

Racism has no place in sport and Brentford Football Club and Arsenal have made it clear that they will not tolerate it. Both clubs have taken a strong stance against discrimination and have vowed to take the utmost action against anyone found guilty of hate messages. The Referee Committee has also recognized the error in calculating the goal, showing that they are taking steps to ensure the accuracy of the video assistant refereeing system. It is hoped that this incident will help to raise awareness of the issue of racism in sport and encourage other clubs to follow suit in taking a strong stance against discrimination.