Top 10 Cryptocurrencies In December 2022

Picking the right time for buying crypto is crucial, for it impacts on the result of such investments. As a matter of fact, most people start to buy crypto massively when the market is skyrocketing and crypto is on everyone’s lips. It can be explained by increased attention to crypto, positive news background, and total confidence that crypto will make you a millionaire. But in reality, such a strategy is not entirely correct. The essence of crypto investments (like any other investments) is to buy assets at as low a price as possible to multiply the initial sum, adding several zeros. It is possible only when you buy crypto at a low price. How to do that? You can either invest in new and cheap coins or just wait for the market to drop and buy popular assets when coin prices of crypto reach their bottom. Taking into account the market collapse in 2022, it would be correct to say that this crypto winter is the best time to enter the market and build your investment portfolio from good and popular coins. So what crypto to buy in December 2022? Let’s talk about it.

Top Digital Assets in December 2022

Here are the main characteristics by which we will select coins:

  • Cryptocurrency coin price. It is needed to analyze price charts and see how an asset behaves during market fluctuations.
  • Market cap. It helps to understand the total value of all the assets in circulation.
  • Trade volume. It allows seeing how many times the asset was traded during the last 24 hours.

Here is the list of the top 10 cryptos in December 2022 with crypto live prices mentioned in brackets:

  1. Bitcoin ($17,158)
  2. Ethereum ($1,266)
  3. Tether ($1)
  4. BNB ($287)
  5. USD coin ($1)
  6. Binance USD ($1)
  7. XRP ($0, 38)
  8. Dogecoin ($0, 09)
  9. Cardano ($0, 31)
  10. Polygon ($0, 9)

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