Top 10 Fashion Trends for the summer season – Bollywood Galiyara

Summer is the time when you can go for fashion trends like off-shoulder, bikini neckline, highs slits and midis. Not only that, you can also go for a range of metallic and pastel shades. Before you start hunting for summer dresses and bathing suits, you should check out the article below and gather some cool tips for summer outfits which can make you win OOTD prize! (okay, not literally). Here are 10 cool fashion trends that are going to rule in this summer season.

Rowan Top

Top 10 Fashion Trends for the summer season – Bollywood Galiyara

Who would have thought that it was possible to make a tank top classier? We now have rowan tops that come with a twist (which looks more like a waistband) in the waist area. This little detailing actually makes a tank top look super classy and it can be worn in parties and casual outings. It is a must that you should have one of these in black color, for your summer wardrobe.

Strappy skirts

Girl wear black colour Strappy skirts

Straps are back and now they are visible in tops, skirts, etc. You can go for a long skirt with the detailing of strap on the top. Match it with your rowan top and you have got a perfect dress for a casual summer look.

Head scarf

Girl wearing green colour Head scarf

It is a common practice to don a scarf, in the Middle Eastern part of the world. However, you will now see people from various parts of the world, carrying colorful and light-weighted scarf, in a variety of ways. There are many styles to wrap a scarf and it goes well with skirts, pants, minis, etc. Because we are talking about summer scarves, you can choose the floral design and intricate detailing.

All shades of yellow and green

All shades of yellow  and green

You will see all shades of yellow and green, in this summer season. Right from carrying a yellow handbag to wearing a yellow color dress, you will see people flaunting this color. Apart from yellow, you will also see green color monochromatic outfits; so if you do not have these colors in your wardrobe, it is time to go for some online shopping!

Halter tops and Lulu tops

Halter tops and Lulu tops

Halter tops were quite famous in the ‘90s era but now it is making a comeback in this summer season. If you do have prominent clavicles then it is time to tone that area, because lulu tops and halters tops trends, are here to stay! Besides, you can pair the top with any kind of bottoms, right from minis to jeans.

Side Cut-outs

Model waring black colour Side Cut-outs

If you wish to wear a bodycon dress in summers then you can now go for a dress with side cut-outs. You will not feel packed inside a good garment more side cut-outs are so in trend right now! The little cut-out feels near the torso looks smart and increases the breathability factor of a dress. Also, a dress style that helps you in experiencing a touch of cool breeze in hot summer around your torso, is not a bad choice of dressing.



You can use tie-dye in so many multiple ways. You can go for a linen shrug with a tie-dye print and wear it on top of a plain shirt. This looks smart and is so much in trend right now. Not only in jackets, but you can also get tie-dye for your mini skirt and don it with a boho top. You can grab all these products and the season’s latest styles at Amazon, use the promo code and deals to get the best bargains online.

Shorts & Tees

Is any summer fashion trends list complete without mentioning of shorts and tees? Well, no, but then there are so many kinds of shorts and tees that you can go for. My personal favorite is monochromatic tees and shorts in pastel shades. Pair it up with a comfortable white shoe and you are all set for your irresistible summer look.

Sheer Maxi Dresses

Sheer Maxi Dresses

This one is my favorite in this list simple because it serves two purposes, in one shot. You can pair any short dress with your outer maxi dress; this totally means that you get to carry your style without having to worry about getting tan in hot summer. The outer sheer maxi wear will protect your skin, from head to toe! It



Do you wish to get into something comfortable yet carry a flawless party look, this summer? If yes, then hands down go for a metallic off-shoulder short dress. Yes, it is breezy and an absolute dream dress for a summer party. If you love dresses with sheen then you can also go for a silver metallic strap dress. Silver for summer can never go out of fashion!

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