Top 10 worst games of 2019

Christmas is traditional when players look back at the amazing and wonderful experiences that defined the year. Looking back on 2019, however, feels like measuring a landfill. All of the games that everyone said were good were in fact not good. From bloated big budget blockbusters to desperate indie favorites, this has been another year of general disappointment. You are free to disagree with me – but you would be wrong and I will explain why. Here are the many reasons why the popular games were so bad this year that the factual basis for your enjoyment was dropped.

10. Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2 is a reissue of an old PlayStation game, but with significant changes and innovations. For example, the villain is now wearing a hat. However, fans will still find loved items such as clunky controls and cheap horrors intact. These old “features” are not affected by the gloomy atmosphere or gameplay steps that helped Resident Evil 7 revitalize the franchise and renew fan interest. Of course, Capcom rejected this approach and went back to the formula that Resident Evil brought to a standstill.

9. Control
Anyone who tells you that he likes Control is lying. The story is incredibly strange and incoherent, but people are afraid to look stupid and pretend to understand. Enemies called “hissing”? Brilliant! An ashtray maze? Yes, moment of the year! Transform weapons? Sure, it makes sense! Control is basically what Men in Black films would be like if no one edited them – and all this weirdness serves as a distraction to distract players from the listless gunplay and budget Jedi Mind tricks.

8. The outer worlds
This game won’t blow you away with good graphics, original quest design, or a huge world. Instead, the Obsidian team focuses on one thing: avoiding a catastrophic failure. As long as The Outer Worlds didn’t actively alienate players with technical disasters and bad ideas (like Mass Effect Andromeda and Fallout 76), it could have passed as an archaic echo of better games and still be celebrated as a savior – that’s exactly what happened. “It didn’t poison my love of science fiction role-playing games” is the highest praise the Outer Worlds deserve.

7. Disco Elysium
Among the many forms of entertainment available today, only games offer a unique interactive element that brings stories to life. No title illustrates this like Disco Elysium. What other media can you use to sit still for hours while reading text? Well, books do that … but when have you ever seen a book weave around a compelling thriller? Oh, right, that’s a whole literary genre. At least Disco Elysium plays a damaged, drug addict detective – good luck finding this character type elsewhere!

6. Sekiro: The shadows die twice
Do you get angry when too many other people like the games you like? Then you will love Sekiro, because hardly anyone can tolerate his blunt design and punishment mechanics. If you can convince yourself that these are really good things, Sekiro may be your favorite From Software game you have ever played. This adventure, which cuts off boring elements like cool gear and flexible character development, requires pure dexterity, determination, and gnawing hunger to be confirmed online by strangers.

5. World of Warcraft Classic
World of Warcraft was originally launched over 15 years ago. In the meantime, the Blizzard team has been working to improve the experience with a variety of updates and enhancements. Yet the players ignored them and flocked to WoW Classic – an old snapshot of MMO history full of general quests and tricky progress. The lesson here is: Developers should stop trying to replay and improve their games. Instead, they should just let go of one thing and the exact same thing 15 years later while crouching behind nostalgia.

4. Apex Legends
This popular Battle Royale (no, not one) is full of quirky characters who team up to win. After causing a sensation after the surprise announcement and release, people finally discovered that Apex Legends is not Titanfall 3 and the hype subsided. But if your favorite battle royale has a black hole event or something, then you should probably play PUBG or Call of Duty blackout mode instead. But if these servers fail, Apex Legends is a game that works.

3. Pokémon sword & shield
Appearance. It is Pokémon.

2. Fire sign: three houses
As a new professor at an elite military academy, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is all about strategy, character development and creepy tea parties with underage students. The game tells an epic story that you have to go through three times to see the story from all angles. However, if you have 100 hours, you may want to volunteer for your local school district instead of trying to improve the lives of fake students.

1. Untitled Goose Game
People just won’t be silent about how charming this game is. Do not be fooled. They stumble through colorful and colorful worlds, but this is where the fun ends. The story makes absolutely no sense and is incredibly complex for a game that is supposed to be just a mischievous goose. In addition, this so-called “goose” is actually a duck and he is not even the main character. Instead, you’re steering a goofy hair with spiky hair that, although still very annoying, isn’t the fun kind of annoyance. Children may think it’s a good game.

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