Top 5 ways Apple companies failed in the 2010s

The 2010 years were not perfect for Apple, despite the fact that the company introduced several successful new products, including the iPad. Here are five ways Apple companies failed.

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To say that Apple has failed in anything in the last 10 years – with demonstrable growth in market share, inventory value and new product lines – is a piece of work; however, there is no discussion about these five failures.

1. No docking stations

Companies that purchase laptops from Dell, HP and Lenovo can purchase matching docking stations. A well-designed matching dock makes it possible to connect multiple peripherals to a laptop with the option of disconnecting the laptop at the touch of a button. Connectivity, Ethernet, local printers, wired mice and keyboards, external disks and various other accessories have all been simplified using a dock, but Apple does not produce docking stations with its Mac laptops. Next, companies need to turn to external vendors, requiring technology managers to investigate power compatibility, interconnection capabilities, possible port configurations, and vendors.

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2. No server-specific hardware

Companies that are part of Apple solutions sometimes try to standardize on Apple products, using everything from Mac desktops and laptops to iPhones, iPads and iCloud – but Apple stopped producing server-specific hardware, allowing companies to a bond was left behind for which back-office systems were needed. Because Apple has specified server-specific hardware – including its Xserve platform – companies that use Apple-specific technologies that require data center-based servers and storage must use other providers.

3. Bail on network equipment

In the past, businesses – especially small businesses – could rely on Apple for its hardware-based firewall, wireless networks, and basic networking needs. With the suspension of production and support for the AirPort product line – including AirPort Express and Extreme and Time Capsule devices – Apple left companies in the cold. Just like with docking stations and server-specific hardware, companies must turn to alternative external suppliers. This is an overview that should not take place if the business dependence on technology platforms and integration only increases.

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4. Thunderbolt port focus

Apple is infamous for deciding when and how customers’ port needs have changed. The company changed the iPhone data and power connection, eliminated headphones connections from iPhones and continues to adjust the available ports on its Mac laptops. Although the rest of the world still uses Ethernet RJ-45 connections, traditional USB-A ports, DVI and HDMI outputs and other commonly used connections, Apple only offers Thunderbolt USB-C ports on its newer Mac laptops, forcing companies to buy clumsy dongles and adapters to maintain compatibility with associated peripherals. These port decisions – optimistically interpreted as necessary to advance a new aggressive, lean-focused design and pessimistic interpreted as forcing companies to purchase new compatible peripherals – are another example of Apple’s failed companies in the last decade.

5. No stand-alone views

External desktop monitors are often linked to both desktop computers and laptops, but Apple has stopped the production of its Thunderbolt screens. Companies that need dual displays or external displays with their Macs should turn to external suppliers. The lack of Apple display offerings is a recognition of the company that it is not interested in producing low-margin peripherals, regardless of demand; otherwise a variety of 20 “, 22” and 24 “displays would be available for bundling with every Mac purchase.

What are your choices for the top five Apple failures?

Post your own Apple top-five business disruptions in the comments below.

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