Top 8 Browns coaching candidates to replace Freddie Kitchens

The Browns shot Freddie Kitchens on Sunday night after a devastating 6-10 season in which the preseason campaign did not match the record on the court. Kitchens has been Cleveland’s ninth different coach since the franchise returned in 1999, and the next coach will inherit a talented roster that includes Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr. and Myles Garrett.

This coach is expected to take this team back to the post-season for the first time since the 2002 season.

MORE: Browns Fire Kitchens after 6-10 season

Here is a list of the best replacement options.

Browns Qualifiers: The Best Bets

This is taken over by General Manager John Dorsey and a front office staff full of former Green Bay staff remains. McCarthy missed a season after the Packers kicked off last year. He has 125 career wins, ranking 30th among NFL coaches, and his well-documented relationship with Aaron Rodgers overshadows McCarthy’s success at Green Bay.

Remember, Rodgers was a first-time freshman with McCarthy, who could be the right voice for Mayfield.

The Browns were a disciplined team in 2019, as was Rivera who inherited Carolina when he arrived in 2011. Rivera, with the help of franchise coach Cam Newton, took the Panthers to four playoff appearances and a Super Bowl. He did this by walking the line between the inspector and the player’s coach.

Rivera also played for the 1985 Bears team and his defenses reflected that. Carolina finished in the top 10 in defense five times during her tenure as a coach.

Urban Meyerhttps: // T = 56039198 & w = 500 & quality = 80

If Meyer is going to make the jump in the NFL, then why not stay close to home to do so? Meyer will galvanize a heavy fan base with Ohio State crossover fans. He has a strong voice and should be able to hire staff who would take advantage of Mayfield.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and Meyer have a good relationship. This is a risky lease, but it’s one that would have more than one leash from Kitchens.

NFL assistants to watch Browns

We know what McDaniels did to the Colts and there is a good chance that Bill Belichick will take over in New England. The Barberton, Ohio teenager has been mentioned in the Browns coaching quests in the past and has never materialized.

McDaniels is a good fit for talent in offense, but can the Browns trust him to get the job done?

The Roman did wonders with Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco and did so again in Baltimore with Lamar Jackson, a general who the Browns attended to take over the division.

The Roman could bring that much-needed creativity to Cleveland’s offense, while at the same time leaving a division rival. This is a win-win for the Browns, but it can be difficult to pull off.

Saleh’s rise began as a quality control coach for Pete Carroll in Seattle and has continued to evolve as a defensive coordinator for San Francisco over the past three seasons. Saleh’s high-energy behavior is a hit with the cameras, but there is substance from where he comes from.

San Francisco was his “team” in the NFL in 2018 before breaking out in 2019. Saleh is ready to be the first coach and will have a defensive line to build around Cleveland.

College coaches to watch Browns

Lincoln Rileyhttps: // T = -650219778 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Mayfield’s tie is obvious and Riley has led three College Football Playoffs in Oklahoma. If Riley wants the NFL, then why not go with a quarterback he knows? This offensive line can work for the professionals, and Mayfield can win the league with his old coach again.

Again, Mayfield played a role in maintaining the kitchens. Is this the message the Browns want to send?

I would put Brian Kelly or Jim Harbaugh here, but we believe these two will remain as well known coaches in the college game. Rhule, however, makes an interesting candidate because of his background in Temple and Baylor.

He is developing NFL talent well and has shown that he can handle a rebuild with Baylor. That would be a longshot as the other candidates on the board, but it’s a name that could fly around if any of these big names fall.

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