Top American Spy says Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq pose a greater terrorist threat than Afghanistan

Terror Threats From Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq — in certain ISIS — form a larger danger than those die from Afghanistan, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told the annual Intelligence and National Security Summit.

“In terms of the homeland, the threat of terrorist groups, we do not prioritize the top of the list Afghanistan,” she said, speaking via video conference. “What we are looking at is Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Iraq for IS. That’s where we see the biggest threat.”

Officials have publicly said that the Islamic State branch in afganistan, ISIS-K, poses a potential threat to the United States. The group committed suicide attack on August 26 in the middle of the American evacuation from Kabul, in which 13 American servicemen and dozens of of Afghans.

Haines said that a primary focus for the intelligence community now checks “any possible reconstitution of terrorist organizations” in Afghanistan.

ISIS is still active in Syria and Iraq, although the group has been pounded down by the US military presence in both countries. In Yemen, an offshoot of Al-Qaeda die is located there, attacks committed on the United States. And in Somalia, the US has carried out regular counter-terrorism attacks against Al Shabaab, die in begin 2020 launched and attack on a US facility in Kenya that killed a US soldier and two US contractors.

But 20 years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Haines also argued that the threat to the American homeland of international terrorist groups is in broadly “decreased” over time”, met mention of “tremendous effort” from around the US government degrade ability of groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS must wear out attacks in the United States.

CNN has previously reported that it has become infinitely more difficult for the US intelligence agency community and military collect information need to wear out counterterrorism strikes against ISIS and other targets in Afghanistan without US troops on the ground.

The Biden Administration and military commanders have insisted that they have what the military terms “over the horizon” possibilities — the ability to carry out and bear supervision out counterterrorism strikes from afar — that they need to detect and prevent terrorist planning in Afghanistan. But former Officials, lawmakers and others have expressed doubts over the government’s plan and say they have seen few details to support the.

Haines said Monday that the intelligence agency community develops “indicators so that we can understand what things are die we would probably see” in the event that there was reconstitution” of terror groups in Afghanistan.

That means making sure “we have enough collection to check” against die indicators, so that we can warning to the policy community, to the operatorsso they can take action in the event let’s see,” she said.

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