Top Game Picks: Assassin’s Creed Origins, Catherine: Full Body, Blasphemous, and More!

The Best Video Games to Play This Summer

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Assassin’s Creed Origins

There saga Assassin’s Creed takes its fans in Egypt with the opus Origins. As son name suggests, the player goes back to the creation of the brotherhood of assassins, through Bayek de Siwa. This title is the first to have experienced the new formula in open world of the saga, which had earned him very good marks (unlike his RPG mechanics which put off a lot of people). The story takes place during a period when Cleopatra seeks to take son role of queen with Julius Caesar. Our protagonist finds himself involved in civil wars and is confronted with the Order of the Ancients, an order that predates the Templars.

Catherine: Full Body

The story of Catherine: Full Body plunges us alongside Vincent Brook and his heart problems. The man is torn between son love for his girlfriend Katherine, and his feelings for another woman named Catherine. He even has nightmares about it. Disturbed dreams that make up half the gameplay, car during these phases, the title becomes a mini platform and puzzle game. During the day, the software follows Vincent through various interactions: the player must then build his relationships through multiple-choice dialogues. If juggling between two people is already complicated, Full Body also adds Rin, abbreviation of Qatherine.


Blasphemous is a demanding metroidvania-style action game. The player embodies a knight named Mea Culpa, in the region of Cvstodia. You will have to travel these lands fighting hordes of enemies and constantly improving your skills. Graphically, this pixel title art directly refers to the dark-fantasy, already advocated by apps such as Dark Souls. Moreover, its difficulty surprised more than one. And if you like your adventure in Blasphemous, know that a sequel is planned for August 24 on consoles. A whole new world will be waiting for you, filled with mystery.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Despite a cute appearance, worthy of the best romance anime, Doki Doki Literature Club is a rather dark, even bloody game. This is a visual novel where theon embodies a young man, in a club of literature. At first glance, the objective is to maintain relationships with the members of this group, which is only made up of girls. However, one of them is particularly possessive and will do anything to make you interested in her, even getting rid of her competitors. The title has the particularity of hiding many secrets, which can only be accessed by digging through files on your computer. This is precisely what the version More.


Okami HD immerses you in a traditional Japan, both thanks to son story only with son graphic style, inspired by Japanese prints. You are the goddess Amaterasu, reincarnated as a white wolf and your objective is to slay the demon Yamata-no-Orochi. To achieve this, you will be helped by many deities who will lend you their powers. Much of the gameplay is based on the use of a brush and ink which will serve you well as combat than in the environment. The title received excellent reviews both in its version original on PS2 than in son HD edition. The title is ” an underrated masterpiecethe kind of beautiful work that is acclaimed, but forgotten too quickly, ‚ÄĚresponded a journalist for The Wired.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a horror series that immerses us each time in a group with several characters. The objective is to do everything so that they survive. To do this, you will have to make the right choices through gameplay focused on relationships and QTEs. Every decision you make will then be judged by The Narrator, who can give you clues on which route to take if needed. Man of Medan takes us, for this part, on a ship of the Second World War, which was lost at sea. However, nothing goes as planned. Namely that this story is based on the urban legend of the SS Ourang Medan, a supposed ghost ship that is said to have lost son crew in strange circumstances.


This summer, maybe it’s time to discover the first three opuses of the saga Trine, through a Trilogy edition. It is a side-scrolling platform adventure title, where the player embodies three characters. In turn, he will have to use the magician and his powers, the thief and his arrows, or the knight and son sword to progress through the levels. You have to use their respective ability to solve different puzzles and overcome your enemies. Namely that there is also a cooperative mode where each player plays a hero. In the first game, your objective will be to save the kingdom of Trine, in ruins after an attack of the undead.(promotion ends 08/17)

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