Top Indian court orders payments to families of Covid victims

NEW DELHI — India’s coronavirus death toll could now amount to a government payout of hundreds of millions of dollar.

The country’s Supreme Court has ordered India’s disaster relief agency to pay 50,000 rupees, about $671, to families of people who died of Covid. The countries official death toll of the pandemic is 449,260, although experts estimate that the true number of Covid deaths is multiple times higher. Even that smaller number would suggest payouts of about $300 million.

The number of families die Apply for compensation was able to balloon quickly, because the government expanded the definition of what qualifies as a Covid-19 death until anyone who died within 30 days of a positive RT-PCR test of clinical examination confirming the infection.

“This is a huge task for the government”, said Gaurav Kumar Bansal, the lawyer who took the lawsuit to India’s highest court.

India’s National Disaster Management Act provides that: government compensation of 400,000 rupees, about $5,400, should are given to families who lose relatives in typhoons, floods and other disasters.

Millions of India’s 1.4 billion people live below the poverty line, and the order of the Supreme Court, issued on Monday, came in answer to public interest rate disputes, a type of case in India that is brought on On behalf of of the public in in general in rather than by a specific claimant.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government declared the pandemic a disaster in March 2020, a move that gave it power to impose a strict nationwide lockdown.

mr. Bansal said the disaster declaration… should also led to compensation payments are made.

“We challenged them to pick and choose,” he said. “If it’s reported as a disaster, then all amenities” of the Disaster Management Act applies.”

The government offered $671 per death. The Supreme Court, which took into account met in the other costs of the agency, agreed.

Anirudh Singh Rathore, 60, clothing merchant in the capital, New Delhi, lost his wife to die from India fierce second golf last spring. he has applied online for compensation by the Delhi government, but he doubts of the money shall arrive.

“Such an compensation is not easy to take from the government,” he said. “It’s very easy to announce, but hard to get.”

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