Top Money Managers Recommend Stocks Beyond the ‘Magnificent Seven’ for Investment

Stock Picks Beyond the “Magnificent Seven” from Top Money Managers

According to top money managers interviewed by , there are numerous stocks apart from the popular “Magnificent Seven” that present attractive opportunities at the moment. The “Magnificent Seven” comprises mega-cap tech stocks such as Apple, Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, and Tesla. Each of these stocks experienced gains of at least 48% last year and collectively account for about a quarter of the S&P 500’s total market share.

Expanding the Rally: Broader Opportunities Identified

Bryn Talkington, the managing partner at Requisite Capital Management, expressed the belief that while high growth can still be achieved with the “Magnificent Seven,” it is crucial to broaden the market rally and identify other stocks with great potential. Talkington specifically mentioned software stocks like Salesforce that are closely related to the “Magnificent Seven” and have demonstrated strong performance with a promising future trajectory.

To access a wider range of opportunities, Talkington recommended the Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF (RSP), which allows investors to obtain equal exposure to 500 large-cap stocks. This ETF was chosen by Talkington and her team due to its attractive valuation, enabling them to benefit from a diverse portfolio of inexpensive stocks.

Embracing “Old School” Tech Stocks and Dividend Names

Kevin Simpson, the founder and chief investment officer at Capital Wealth Planning, favors traditional technology names like Broadcom, Cisco, and IBM. Simpson emphasized the value of these companies’ strategic acquisitions that have propelled them into the modern digital era. In addition to capital appreciation, Simpson also places high importance on consistent and increasing dividends as a source of comfort for shareholders.

Similar to Simpson, Talkington also expressed a liking for dividend-oriented stocks, particularly in the energy sector. One energy company that Talkington favors is Diamondback Energy, which she described as a robust generator of free cash flow yield. Simpson has investments in Chevron and ConocoPhillips, two prominent energy players.

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