Top Movies To Watch on Netflix This Week – June 18, 2022

First, look at what’s coming to Netflix this week 18th June 2022. As a reminder, you can read about what’s new on Netflix every week with our weekly roundups. The latest Top Movies on Netflix this Week are below.


Creators: Jeremiah Zagar
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport
Cast: Adam Sandler, Robert Duvall, Ben Foster, Queen Latifah, Jordan Hull, Juancho Hernangomez, María Botto

Synopsis: After being fired, pro basketball scout, Stanley Beren, is excited, for the first time in a very long while, when he serendipitously discovers Spanish amateur baller, Bo Cruz, playing in a park outside Madrid. Fueled with new-found purpose, Stanley makes it his mission to groom Bo for the NBA as he believes they both can make it.


Creators: Matthew Reilly
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Cast: Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane, Belinda Jombwe, Mayen Mehta, Paul Caesar, Marcus Johnson

Synopsis: An Army lieutenant uses her years of tactical training to save humanity from sixteen nuclear missiles launched at the U.S. as a violent coordinated attack simultaneously threatens her remote missile interceptor station.

Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness

Creators: Ben Stassen, Benjamin Mousquet
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Romance
Cast: Danny Fehsenfeld, Donte Paris, Joe Ochman

Synopsis: Set in a lush fantasy world, the film follows the adventures of Chickenhare, a young hero born half chicken and half hare, who was adopted by King Peter, a famous hare adventurer. Eager to fit in and feel loved in spite of his differences, Chickenhare is obsessed with adventuring – no matter how clumsy he is. When the Kingdom’s greatest villain – his own uncle – escapes from jail and threatens to overthrow his father, Chickenhare embarks on an epic and initiatory quest along with Abe, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a martial arts expert skunk, to stop him.

CBI 5: The Brain

Creators: K. Madhu
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Cast: Mammootty, Mukesh, Jagathy Sreekumar, Saikumar, Renji Panicker, Soubin Shahir, Asha Sarath

Synopsis: A series of murders is happening in the city. With the police failing to solve the case, a team of CBI Officers under CBI officer Sethurama Iyer take up the investigation to resolve the mystery.

A Perfect Pairing

Creators: Stuart McDonald
Genres: Action, Comedy,
Cast: Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, Luca Sardelis, Samantha Cain, Craig Horner, Antonio Alvarez, Lucy Durack

Synopsis: To land a major client, an LA wine exec travels to an Australian sheep station, where she signs on as a ranch hand and hits it off with a rugged local.

Senior Year

Creators: Alex Hardcastle
Genres: Drama, Comedy|
Cast: Rebel Wilson, Justin Hartley, Angourie Rice, Sam Richardson, Zoe Chao, Mary Holland, Chris Parnell

Synopsis: A thirty-seven-year-old woman wakes up from a twenty-year coma and returns to the high school where she was once a popular cheerleader to finish her senior year and become prom queen.

Deep Impact

Creators: Mimi Leder
Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast: Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave, Morgan Freeman, Maximilian Schell, Leelee Sobieski

Synopsis: A seven-mile-wide space rock is hurtling toward Earth, threatening to obliterate the planet. Now, it’s up to the president of the United States to save the world. He appoints a tough-as-nails veteran astronaut to lead a joint American-Russian crew into space to destroy the comet before impact. Meanwhile, an enterprising reporter uses her smarts to uncover the scoop of the century.

The Trip 6

Creators: Rodrigo Triana
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Amparo Grisales, Jhon Álex Toro, Chichila Navia, Michell Orozco, Cristián David Duque, Andrés de la Mora, Rafaella Chávez


Synopsis: The last year High School excursion is the walk where anything can happen, but the last year High School excursion with the parents, that is the last straw. And since Álvaro Castaño knows that security is better than the police, he decides to travel with his family to watch over his daughter Sarita, however, his mother-in-law, Raquel, is not willing to allow it and also embarks in the plan . On the paradisiacal beaches of San Andrés, Álvaro Castaño will become Sara’s nightmare and the sensation for the excursion, while his sexy mother-in-law will be the one to steal the show. El Paseo 6, the last yeat High School excursion, because the luck of the grandmother, the High School girls wish it.

Trees of Peace

Creators: Alanna Brown
Genres: Drama
Cast: Charmaine Bingwa, Elaine Umuhire, Ella Cannon, Bola Koleosho, Tongayi Chirisa, Evan Alex

Synopsis: In April of 1994, four women from different backgrounds and beliefs are trapped and hiding during the Rwandan genocide. Their fight for survival against all odds unites the women in an unbreakable sisterhood.

The Accountant

Creators: Ray McKinnon
Genres: Comedy, Short
Cast: Ray McKinnon, Walton Goggins, Eddie King

Synopsis: Can one man, one hard drinking, chain smoking, backwoods accountant, stop a national conspiracy, change the course of history, and save a way of life? It’s do-able… but it ain’t gonna be purdy.

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