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Top New series on Netflix Release date, cast and everything we need to know


Netflix has teamed up with Australian singer and actress Celeste Barber to create a new drama series called Wellmania about a woman forced to change her lifestyle to improve her health and embark on a fitness journey.

Brigid Delaney Wellman’s novel inspired Wellmania Netflix: Misadventures in the Search for Wellness and was co-created and produced by Delaney himself in collaboration with Benjamin Lawn (The Family Law). Belinda King and Law co-produced and led the writing team. Romina Accurso (The Heights, Spreadsheet) works as a screenwriter and author, as do Nick Coyle (Sarah’s Channel) and Amy Stewart (Hardball, The Heights).

“I’m so excited about this project, the whole team is fantastic. We’ve been working on it for a while, and I’ve been busting to tell everyone about it. I’m drawn to projects that center around interesting, dynamic, and complex leads; that’s precisely what Wellmania is. I’m stoked to be working with Netflix and telling this Australian story to an international audience and to also be an executive producer so I can boss people also to be an executive producer” Star Celeste Barber commented on the project.

The Barbers director will co-produce with Chris Oliver-Taylor and Warren Clarke for Fremantle Australia, with Bree-Anne Sykes as producer.

“Working with Celeste Barber and Netflix is a dream come true for all of Fremantle Australia. We cannot wait to see the impact that this series has in Australia and right across the globe.” Clarke added the other observations.

What’s the plot of Wellmania?

Here’s Netflix’s Wellmania story about deadlines:

As Liv’s (Barber) human tornado enters a significant health crisis, she must reconsider her “live fast, die young” attitude. She embarks on a fitness journey for the first time and tries to heal everything from the smallest to the strangest, heals quickly, and regains her old life.

The book received rave reviews from the controversial fitness treatments offered by Gwyneth Paltrow, the Netflix platformer for The Goop Lab!

Who are you playing with Wellmania?

Celeste Barber is the only Wellman actress known since December 2021. Barber’s films include Back the Outback, The Letdown, How Not to Behave, and many more.

Minh Luu, Netflix’s content director for Australia and New Zealand, said during a resignation request to Barber:

“Celeste embodies exactly what Netflix ANZ is trying to achieve: inspire love worldwide, basically, be Australian, and have fun. Pursuing success and purpose is fundamentally a human endeavor. In the post-pandemic world, this research is more critical than ever. We are a proud artist with Celeste’s warmth and humor, guiding us through extremes, victory, personal development, and understanding, and we know our members love it. ”

Where is Wellmania produced?

Wellmania Netflix is ​​currently in active development, scripts are being written, and pre-production will begin soon. Production Weekly will take place exclusively in Gadigal County, Eora Nation, Sydney, Australia.

How many episodes are there in Wellmania?

It has been confirmed that Netflix Wellmania will include eight episodes, lasting half an hour.

What is the release date of Wellmania?

Netflix has not announced Wellmania’s release dates, but as footage begins in 2022, it’s likely to be released in 2023.


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