Top Russian Diplomat Sergey Lavrov’s Secret Life met millionaire mistress exposed

The Russian minister Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov reportedly financed his mistress’s trip abroad with it on official diplomatic trips to nearly two dozen countries around the world, according to a new bomb report of Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny‘s team. The report, entitled “Yachts, Bribes and a Mistress. What minister Lavrov hides,” indicates abundance of luxury excavations and yachts enjoyed by the pair, including a hunt from the infamous oligarch Oleg Deripaska, die has been graced by the likes of Belarusian model Anastasia Vashukevich, better known by her pseudonym Nastya Rybka.

Lavrov, 71, is married and has a daughter. His alleged female companion, Svetlana Polyakova, is an actress and restaurateur, with no known qualifications die would justify her apparent kinship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Property records unearthed by reporters show that Polyakova and members of her family own real estate in Russia and the UK worth about 1 billion rubles ($13.6 million), as well as a fleet of luxury auto’s worth An total of about 40 million rubles ($545,000).

the Navalny team Thursday’s report was a follow-up to a research released earlier this week by iStories, an independent investigation into Russia news exhaust pipe. Based on information provided by sources within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the outlet found that the relation of Polyakova with Lavrov is reportedly so close that her friends put her on the list Contact information as “Svetlana Lavrova.” she joined in public events next to Russian President Vladimir Putin and was admitted in the elite entourage may be in his presence.

The investigation by Navalny’s team claims that over the past for seven years Polyakova has used the foreign minister’s official right on at least 60 times. Among other countries, she reportedly traveled with Lavrov to France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Portugal and Greece. Polyakovas mother, daughter, and even her niece accompanied her on some of die official “diplomatic” escapades.

According to information obtained by iStories from confidential sources, Polyakova exerts considerable influence within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has allegedly appointed several close friends to key positions. Civil servants who opposed these appointments were reportedly forced to resign, and one of they revealed that information to reporters. The Russian Foreign Ministry simply ignored requests for comments from iStories.

the mysterious nature of Polyakova’s relationship with Lavrov was blown wide open when Navalny’s investigation… team explained on the iStories report, confirm with extra juicy revelations. As they say, loose lips sink ships. Or perhaps in this case yachts. Polyakova’s 26-year-old daughter, Polina, seems to have set the trips on full display on her Instagram bill, die used to be made private after Thursday’s bomb report and later deactivated.

Polinas social-media messages revealed one of the most disturbing aspects of this filthy one family affair. She show that with it with her family, Polyakova has been lounging on the villa, hotel, and hunt owned by Deripaska. The yacht became famous when Nastya Rybka secretly filmed conversations die took place there between Deripaska and Sergei Prikhodko, the ex-Russia deputy prime minister. Rybka posted shortened clips on her social media and claimed she had extra videos die that we could prove Kremlin interference in American elections, but never followed. The same vessel is now standing in the middle of another controversy.

the Navalny team’s report gives in indicated that Lavrov was acting as Deripaska’s private lobbyist, all fly over the world help out in to be private affairs: by stimulate his efforts to obtain a US visa, to be business affairs in Guinea, Jamaica and Sweden. Deripaska’s considerable wealth could certainly justify the lavish lifestyle of The foreign minister and his alleged second “family”, including their frequent use of Deripaskas private airplanes. Polina went so far as to describe one of Deripaska’s villas as her “second home.” It’s a matter of “mi casa, su casa” on An global Scale.

During the daily briefing of Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Thursday, Anastasia Melnikova of the digital media exhaust pipe znak asked about the recent allegations against Lavrov, including the foreign trips with his alleged mistress and her relatives. Zakharova seemed upset by the question. She squirmed, grimaced, and chuckled as she listened to the reporter’s question.

Zakharova neither denied nor confirmed the report. Instead, they tried for the motivations in to cast doubt of the team behind the shocking revelations.

“Well what can I say. First the creators of these pseudo-examinations don’t hide their goals: destroy and demolish… they are all eating on foreign subsidies. Their information campaigns are supported and monitored by intelligence agencies of die countries Which call Russia their enemy’ said the spokeswoman. “Second, all of this is done according to Goebbels: take a little bit of truth, add some lies and present it as the reality…Third: even the most evil opponents don’t doubt Lavrov’s professionalism. His authority is unshakable. His authority is simply unquestionable.”

This was the last question from Zakharova, who took her papers and quickly left the stage.

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