Top Streaming Services That You Might Want To Try

Streaming has come a long way from where it began. Hence, the two types of paid streaming services are Video-on-demand like Netflix, Hulu e.t.c and live TV with YouTube. The world went from watching movies and series on cables and satellites to streaming. There are different reasons as to why this happened. Typical examples include: live TV streaming services offer almost everything you want or desire from the old and cliche cable or satellite service and even more. Streaming TV has proven to be better than the outdated satellite TV that could stand the test of time. Furthermore, streaming services are much more affordable than satellite or cable TV.

Top Streaming Services That You Might Want To Try

Streaming Services to look out for

Among the numerous streaming services available, here are some of the top and most highly recommended services.

Disney plus

Disney+ video-on-demand and over-the-top streaming service based in the United States of America is owned by Walt Disney Company. This streaming service has original movies like soul, Hamilton, and Iron man. There is always something to watch either as an individual or family. This streaming service is a new startup that commenced in 2019 but has amassed a whopping 103.6 million users. With 8$ a month and 80 annually, you get to watch Disney+ in Singapore and other countries, offering you unlimited entertainment at an affordable price. Having a wide range of movies to pick on also permits four different screens to stream simultaneously.


The idea of “Netflix and chill” is no joke as this streaming service has a variety, including old TV shows and movie content, and documentaries. Many people do not know about this as most people opt for its ever-growing collection of original programs or new movies that have been put up there. Shows such as The Queen’s Gambit, Black Mirror, Game Of Thrones have set a different standard for streaming TV. There is so much ignorance on how many original TV shows Netflix produces. Netflix released a lot more originals in 2019 than the entire TV industry did in 2005. Netflix releases content daily, and the number of videos released by them is on an incline spree. Irrespective of your taste, Netflix will have video entertainment you will certainly like, and even fall in love with.

All these come at an affordable rate with different prices depending on the package you are willing to subscribe to. The first goes for $9, you can watch on one screen for $14 a month, and you get the HDTV, and two screens can stream simultaneously. With $18 per month, you get 4K and four people streaming at a time.

Top Streaming Services That You Might Want To Try


Hulu and Hulu+ Live TV offers live TV and VOD, a compelling package. Owning great original content and a masterpiece such as The Handmaid’s Tale, it has a great and broad catalog of other shows and movies on demand. In addition to that, you get over 65 channels, both live and on-demand. Hulu+ Live TV costs $65 a month, while Hulu, the pure VOD play, costs only $6 a month or $60 a year with ads or $12 a month without ads. This platform is worth it if you ask because Hulu comes with a vast library of 21st Century Fox content that is highly explicit for Disney Plus. It is a good selection of original content with geese original sections like Veronica Mars. Hulu supports only one stream per time, while Hulu+ Live TV ups that to two streams. Some of its original shows are available in 4K, but most of the content is in HDTV.


BBC and ITV partnered and created an incredible masterpiece, BritBox, to bring both old and new movies to viewers in Canada and the United States of America. Having Acorn TV as a strong competitor, Its most significant advantage is that Acorn TV doesn’t have as many shows, as its primary focus is mysteries from around the English-language TV world. On BritBox, you’ll find favorites like Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes, Sharpe, and Fawlty Towers. Great and thoughtfully selected soap operas from the united kingdom such as Coronation Street, EastEnders, and Emmerdale. You can download movies with BritBox using your iOS, Android smartphones, and tablets, which is a huge plus. Hence, you do not need an active internet connection. Britbox supports five screens to stream simultaneously. You can get BritBox for a monthly fee of $7 or the more affordable annual price of $70, saving you about fourteen dollars.

Safe to say that these platforms offer mouth-watering content at affordable prices. When choosing one or more of these platforms, you must determine your preference in movie type, location, and, most importantly, budget. Take a moment to consider the features and offerings of each one and select that which best suits your lifestyle.

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