Tori Spelling applauds haters who claim she used her kids to make money with vacation photos

The former Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills 90210 has become famous in recent years for her money problems, even though she was raised with enormous wealth. His last family photo on vacation prompted enemies to go out and accuse him of using his children to make money.

Friday, the 46-year-old actress posted Christmas photos featuring Spelling with husband Dean McDermott and their five children – Liam, 12, Stella, 11, Hattie, 8, Finn, 7 and Beau, 2 – all dressed in matching pajamas in front of their fireplace next to their Christmas tree.

In the legend, Spelling wrote that they had a “snowball” putting the finishing touches on their amazing tree. And, the family appreciated his chic and comfortable family pajamas.

The trolls immediately concluded that the photo was a paid promotion for the pajama brand Sant And Abel and criticized Spelling for using his children as a product placement for the label.

One asked if Spelling’s children were tired of being directed and produced for paid promotions, but Spelling did not have them.

“The answer is no because we did not pay anything on this photo. This is our tree and these are their jammies. Does this suit you? “Wrote Spelling in his response.

Another reviewer asked if there was anything the family would not do or wear for money. Spelling also responded to this comment, writing that they weren’t paid for anything in the photo and were just fans of the PCs.

Another detester wrote that it was “sad”. Spelling uses her children to make money, and she must let them make their own decisions. The actress reiterated that she did not earn any money from the photo and that she was not promoting anything. Instead, they shared their real life and “it’s us”. She added that fans must make informed judgments.

The spelling has paid for promotional items on her Instagram page – like a recent article on Brookstone electric blankets – but it still makes it clear when she receives money to share a photo of herself using a product.

Tori Spelling revealed his famous money problems earlier this month during an episode of his web series Tori Tried and True. She explained that she had never been taught to manage money, and she now realizes how important this skill is.

“I had a business owner since I was 18, so I never managed my money,” said Spelling. “Everything, everything, went to them, so unfortunately, I never really learned about money. Now raising my own children, I say to myself, “This is so important!” “

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