Torture, execution and dragging . an urgent appeal to stop the Houthi crimes in Hodeidah

The Yemeni government has launched an urgent appeal to the United Nations and to the international organizations and missions that operate in Yemen to stop the crimes of mass executions and the massive revenge campaign waged by the Houthi coup militia against civilians in different areas of the Hodeidah Governorate, in the west of the country.

A statement released Wednesday evening by the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights said the Houthi militia “continues to carry out massive reprisals against the population in the areas of Al-Tahita, Al-Jah, Al-Nakhilah, Al-Taif, Al-Tur and Al -Majalis in Al-Hodeidah Governorate. “

He pointed out that the reprisals included the killing, dragging, slaughtering and mutilation of prisoners’ bodies, executions, torture and violence against the population, forcibly displacing civilians with horrific brutality and attacking them directly and civilian objects.

He accused the Houthi militia of carrying out indiscriminate attacks which resulted in civilian casualties and of destroying or damaging civilian objects.

The statement put in guard against the gravity and severity of the violations and abuses committed by the Houthi terrorist militia in Hodeidah and called on the international community to classify the Houthi criminal militia as a “terrorist group” and to prosecute its leaders and put them on the international sanctions list.

The Ministry of Human Rights revealed that it had documented “the torture of civilians who were not directly involved in no hostility, as well as mistreatment of captured fighters, which demonstrates the brutality of these Houthis militias and their Iranian-backed elements. ”He pointed to the displacement and flight of thousands of civilians, fearing reprisals from the Houthis.

The Houthi militia recently conducted a campaign of arrests and liquidations in the areas it controlled in Hodeidah.

From the city of Hodeidah (archive)
From the city of Hodeidah (archive)

In the past four days, the Houthi militia has committed crimes amounting to “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” against civilians in Hodeidah Governorate, according to the website. web of the Yemeni “West Coast”.

The site web reported that the Houthi militia arrested more than 200 civilians, most of them young, and executed 4 civilians by massacre in areas and villages in the districts of Al-Hali, Al-Durayhimi, Al-Tahita and Al-Saleh. , and threw their heads on public roads to intimidate the population and push them to flee, in violations similar to the crimes of the terrorist organization ISIS.

According to local sources, Houthi militias raided in several homes and conducted a campaign of arrests that targeted dozens of opponents, while hundreds of families were displaced from areas controlled by the militias.

The sources added that the Houthis have set up checkpoints and dozens of families have been forcibly displaced following the arrest and liquidation of their children, adding that a number of vehicles laden with displaced families were seen on the way to. Mocha, while human rights estimates indicate that more than 500 families have been forcibly displaced by militias south of Hodeidah since last Friday.

In turn, the deputy of the “Executive Unit for displaced persons” in Hodeidah, Jamal al-Mashri’i, confirmed that the Houthi militia had committed crimes, including murder, arrest, looting of property and pushing fighting forces in the residential neighborhoods with the aim of terrorizing civilians.

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