Tory Lanez shows what these hands can do!

We’re not sure who Tory Lanez is coming from, but whoever he is, he doesn’t play with all of you!

It is clear that between the time it takes to create music, go on tour and make appearances in talk shows, Tory likes to spend time putting his hands to work!

Tory posted a very short “Gram” video, but she certainly showed us exactly what her hands are talking about. Tory would hit a few combinations, maybe with his trainer, and do it in socks! There is no doubt that he is ready to put his paws on anyone who tries it.

While Tory could box for his own leisure, fans are convinced he is trying to get some frustrations out of his current beef with Interscope records. Only a few days before the video was published, Tory made it clear that he was not satisfied with his relationship with the label, and even threatened to post certain things online.

“Interscope is recording … If you don’t stop playing with me … I’m going to expose what’s really going on in this shitty building!”, He writes. He commented an hour later saying, “It’s going to be fun, I promise.”

He decided not to go live, but it probably won’t be the last time we hear about Tory vs. Interscope.

We don’t really know why Tory comes for Interscope, but it’s cold because of the success of his album “Chiztape 5”, which, according to him, makes him lose money.

“Actually, we didn’t do it from a monetary point of view, we did it from a genre point of view, I lose money by making the album, but what What’s going to come out of it? Of course it’s going to be amazing, “he said in an interview with Hot 97.” I feel like it’s damn near a place where it’s going to be acclaimed. by critics because no one has ever done it before. “

I hope things are going well for Tory Lanez, but we will keep you posted on all tea updates!

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