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Total paralysis hits the foreign exchange market in Iran after the price in dollars has exceeded 36 thousand tomans

The currency markets in Iran suffered a complete paralysis in trading today, Sunday, after the dollar exchange in the open market for the currency of the capital, Tehran, exceeded 36 thousand tomans, as it was reported that the trading of the dollar had been stopped.

According to a report by the Iranian economic site “Ben Best” in the field of currencies and gold prices, the price of each US dollar in sale was circulated at around 36,110 toman on Sunday morning.

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The recent collapse in the value of the Iranian currency started last Tuesday, in down about 10% against the US dollar over the past week.

According to the media Iranians, based on their field reports, people are reluctant to buy and sell currencies even if the dollar is “scarce”.

According to Tejarat News, dollars have become scarce in Tehran’s Ferdowsi market and the only response from traders to ordinary people is that we don’t have dollars to sell or that they have to wait several hours before they can find dollars through other brokers.

The videos published on the sites of social network showed the reluctance of buyers and sellers of the currency in the Tehran market, including the “Sabzeh Maidan” market in this city.

Iran has been witnessing the protests for almost two months in following the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, which took place on September 16, after she was arrested by the moralistic police, who accused her of violating the strict dress code imposed by Tehran on women.

These demonstrations, which the authorities describe as riots, are unprecedented in Iran in terms of scope and nature since the 1979 revolution.

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