Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is now available with the Xbox Game Pass

In 2016 we took a break from working on our physics-based platformer cluster truck and went to a game jam in a Swedish castle for seven days. A game jam is a friendly game developer competition that usually gives you a theme that you can use to create a game in a short amount of time. We took inspiration from the castle and decided to come up with a scenario in which it was attacked by weird, shaky creatures with googly eyes – we called it Fully accurate combat simulator, It quickly became clear that physics-based battles were amazing and it didn’t take long for the rest of the world to move in

After the game jam we put a trailer of the game online and it got super viral within a few days and requests to play it came from people who wanted to play it. We realized that this was the game we had to work on after we finished Clustertruck. We released a free alpha for the game in late 2016 that has been played by millions of people since then. We’re excited to finally bring it to Xbox through the Xbox Game Preview program so more people can play it.

The process of getting the game just right has
was long and we had to do it twice from scratch. We have
I learned a lot during this process and grew as a developer and as a studio.
We are very grateful to our community, which has been following the game ever since
2016 and patiently waiting for us to finish it. You were incredible
Help with development, bring suggestions and feedback, help us
Test the Alpha and cheer us on.

The game currently has nine factions, 18 cards, a sandbox, unit ownership, combat, and campaign creator. There will of course be a lot more coming as the game is in the game preview. Especially the unit builder, where players can customize their own units, is very excited about your ideas.

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