Touching photos. Marib children in Solidarity with Layan, the victim of the Houthi fuel massacre

Dozens of kids in The Yemeni city of Marib held a vigil on Tuesday evening to condemn the horrific massacre by the Houthi terrorist militia that killed 21 civilians, including three-year-old Lian Taher.

The children, die participated in the vigil took a picture of the charred corpse of the girl Lian who die Yemenis’ feelings shook and die World shocked and expressed her deep sorrow over her early departure in this by the Houthi militia die Bombing of a fuel committed Holocaust from station in the Rawda district, north of the city of Marib, last Saturday.

Touching photos.  Marib children in Solidarity with Layan, the victim of the Houthi fuel massacre

Announced on Tuesday die Administration of Marib Land Park out of solidarity with the family of the girl Lian Taher die Closing their doors to visitors and sentenced die continued bombing of civil quarters in the city of Marib die Houthi militias and their repeated attacks on civilians, especially women and children, using ballistic missiles and booby-trapped aircraft.

The Houthi terrorist militia targeted a gas station in Al-Rawda, killing 21 civilians, injuring others, burning 7 cars and damaging two ambulances, die rushed to die Rescuing victims after being attacked by a militia-launched explosive device after the missile was shot down.

Among these victims was the girl Lian, whose charred corpse spread like wildfire among the Yemenis on the communication sites and die shaken public opinion with the horror of tragedy.

The five-year-old girl was apparently with her father in a car than die Militia missile on die Gas station fell and die small corpse of Lian Taher Muhammad Ayed in Fire started.

This heinous massacre met widespread human rights and international condemnation, die considered it a “full war crime” and die Stressed the importance of rapid international action to end these Houthi crimes and prosecute their perpetrators.

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