Towards the Republican Palace. An adjustment of the timing of the demonstrations in Khartoum

After calling last night, Tuesday, new demonstrations in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, the “resistance committees” returned and explained in a statement from today, Wednesday, which had been postponed until tomorrow.

He indicated that the demonstrations will head to the Republican Palace in Khartoum. He also urged participants to join the pace and discipline.

As for the reason for the delay or the adjustment of the times, the field office for the coordination of the resistance committees only said that “the war is a hoax,” as he said.

63. killed

The last one round of demonstrations in the capital was last Sunday, when a protester was killed after being hit in the head with a tear gas canister.

This brings the number of protesters killed since last October to 63, as announced by the Sudan Central Medical Committee in support of protest movements.

Meanwhile, police confirmed at the time that they handled unarmed cases with reasonable force, adding that 22 policemen were injured, while 86 suspects were arrested.

despite the mediations

Despite the recently launched international and regional mediations, civilian groups, led by professionals, still refuse the participation of the military component in the government.

While the United Nations envoy to the country, Volker Perthes, stressed in the last two days that the consultations launched by the United Nations initiative include all components.

It is noteworthy that since last October 25, day in to which the army commander, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, dissolved the government led by Abdullah Hamdok, and imposed exceptional measures, and calls continue to drop in square. Hamdok’s subsequent conclusion of a political deal with Al-Burhan was not enough to calm things down and form a new government. This prompted the Prime Minister to step down on January 3, 2022, warning that the country would join in a serious crisis.

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