Toya Wright fights with sweet photo of Robert Rushing after being told not to have the third marriage for this reason

Looking at things, Toya Wright will not be left alone by a troll who is determined to become a puzzle for her and her fiancé, Robert Rushing.

The reality star was recently attacked by a woman who told her not to marry her baby daddy because he was using it for celebrity.

Toya, who is famous for her clap-backs, chose to ignore the person and move on with her life. Reginae Carter’s mother recently returned to social media and posted a sweet photo with Robert, and the troll returned immediately with a long rant and a series of bizarre accusations.

The person told Tiny Harris’ friend not to marry for the third time because her friends like Kandi Burruss and Rasheeda Frost are married.

The person said to Toya, “@toyajohnson, he doesn’t like you, don’t feel like you have to get married because all of your other friends are.”

The troll, who seems to have too much time on his hands, added: “move, he feels he doesn’t need to have a relationship with his other daughter. He is not a good man. do you really want to spend money on a third marriage and get a divorce again everyone you look at hasn’t had three whole marriages… where’s your pride

Fans came out in force to defend Toya and Robert.

One contributor replied: “I don’t consider her weak to marry a third time, but strong because it means that she never stayed and never settled. She always knew her value and left no matter what. And she never gave up on love. “

Another Instagrammer denounced the bitter troll: “How about having a fucking cuz life @toyajohnson here living his own … it doesn’t require you to study.” Stop hating, and maybe you will get a relationship. #WhoJahBlessLetNoManCurse is obviously not blessed #JustSayin ur green watch .. #JealousMuch. “

A third comment said, “I know, right? Do people here create profiles to talk about people? Come on… let her be happy that we all have a front row seat for her public pain… don’t be a hater. “

Many wonder, will Toya speak to the mother and put the troll in her place? What are your thoughts on this?


Toya is known for staying calm.

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