Toya Wright’s latest Reign Rushing video shows people that she is their favorite GI person

Toya Wright shared a video on her social media account starring little girl, Reign Rushing, and she looks prettier than ever. People gush on the young woman in the comments as if there was no tomorrow saying that she was the cutest little girl.

Toya was always proud of her bundle of joy, and she defended it whenever she had to against haters who slammed her when she was just a baby.

Anyway, watch the video below:

“No, she didn’t say SIKE. This little girl is too much.” @Reign_beaux “, Toya captioned her post.

A fan sprang up on the little girl and said: “Reigny is definitely my favorite person on ig! I’m waiting for her videos! And someone else also praised the cute pie: “Lol … She’s too smart … Her hair is always so cute …”

A disciple sprang up on Reigny and said: “It made me go out !!! she is so cute and smart !! “and a fan wrote,” What are you going to do with her @toyawright her pretty self. “

Another commenter posted this: “It looks like she grew up on us overnight. Just like Smart & Pretty. “

Another fan said, “I HAVE HOLLER !! @toyawright you messed up @reign_beaux. I love his energy! ???????? Baby is a #WholeMood !!! This “sike” brought me out and is again. “

One Instagrammer said: “Omg. Now I needed this laugh. With me, I lost my mom bracelet, she did the only thing I wore from her thanks @toyawright for posting and @reign_beaux for making me laugh, she said sike so cute. “

Toya told her fans and IG followers that they would have a chance to meet her and her precious little girl today at an event.

“FREE and open to the public! Atlanta, meet me this Saturday from 4 to 5 pm at the pop-up @SheaMoisture #HolidayFeels. I will also sign copies of my new book #learningcolorswithReignbeaux with my little @reign_beaux ???? See you soon! ????» Toya told his fans.


So if you have the time and can do it, go meet this wonderful lady.

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