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Toyota’s sales are up 9.4% on a monthly basis despite the shortage of chip supply

Toyota revealed a 9.4% increase in sales last July despite a shortage of chip supplies.

Toyota explained that its impact on the lack of electronic chip supplies has focused on manufacturing and has been limited to sales, but that could change next month, as it recently announced that It will reduce its global production of auto in September of 44% to 500,000 auto due to a shortage of chips.

Toyota’s sales benefited from strong growth in North America by nearly 30% last month.

The Toyota Group reported growth in its global sales, including sales of auto Daihatsu and Hino, during the last month, by about 13%, to reach more than 930 thousand auto.

And Bloomberg news agency cited the Japanese company’s statement that sales of the Yaris and Romi models have been strong.

At the same time, Toyota’s sales in North America increased last month by 30.5% per annum, thanks to the strong performance of the auto “Rav4” and sedans like Camry and Corolla.

In addition, sales in the same month last year were very low due to the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

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