Tracy McGrady nearly teamed up with Allen Iverson in 1999 trade, but Stephen A. Smith ruined it

The 76 ers nearly had among the best backcourts in NBA history, but the offer broke down partially since of Stephen A. Smith.

Let’s travel back to1999 Allen Iverson was 3 years in to his NBA profession, and was an establishing star. He ‘d finish as the NBA’s scoring leader at the end of that 1999 season. Tracy McGrady was 2 years into his NBA profession on the Raptors, but not rather at the star level he had actually display screen in the years to come.

McGrady would leave the Raptors after that season as a complimentary representative, but he was nearly dealt to the 76 ers to team up withIverson The offer was currently in location. Former 76 ers GM Billy King confessed this back in a 2017 interview he did with 97.5 The Enthusiast. His interview has actually been lost to the web archives, but adequate residues stay for us to understand he talked about it.

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We had an offer the night prior to where we were getting McGrady and we were offering up Larry Hughes and after that Toronto got cold feet – @bkdefend

— 975 TheFanatic (@975 TheFanatic) February 21,2017

King likewise obviously brought this story up as an analyst on ESPN back in2008 The only real record we have of that is a quick post by Real GM at the time that described a couple of more information.

From Real GM:

Billy King, who is now an analyst for ESPN, exposed a trade he had actually concurred upon with the Raptors when he was GM of the Sixers. The Sixers would have sent out Larry Hughes to Toronto for Tracy McGrady and a first round choice. Stephen A. Smith broke the trade and the Raptors ended up getting cold feet and the offer failed.

For some factor the news of this trade made a look just recently, and Stephen A. Smith validated it was true.

There’s really an online record of Smith’s 1999 column where he exposed this info. At the time Smith worked for the The Philadelphia Inquirer where he mainly covered basketball. He was likewise a factor for CNN/Sports Illustrated where he supplied info of the stopped working McGrady trade.

From Smith in 1999:

76 ers’ coach Larry Brown stated he isn’t shopping second- year guard Larry Hughes, but it definitely appears that method. With Tracy McGrady a complimentary representative this summertime, the Toronto Raptors hung their third-year forward to the Sixers for Hughes a little more than a week back. The Sixers, remarkably, made the talks more appealing by requesting a first-round choice withMcGrady The Raptors are currently pondering the deal.

As the reports above state, after Smith broke the story, the Raptors backed and got cold feet out of the offer. Toronto would have ended up with a strong gamer in Larry Hughes and a first round choice, but rather lost McGrady in complimentary firm and got absolutely nothing.

Even even worse, NBA fans were denied of the possible backcourt of McGrady and Iverson on the Sixers. Both players were exceptionally young and ready to enter their prime. This news likewise simply contributes to the list of McGrady trade deals that never ever taken place. It was exposed in 2016 that McGrady was nearly traded for Scottie Pippen, but Michael Jordan banned the offer.

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