Trade Blacklist Expanded: 37 Entities from China and Russia Included by Washington

The US Department of Commerce said on Thursday that the US had added 37 entities to its trade blacklist for activities including contributions to the Russian military, support for the Chinese military, and facilitation or involvement in human rights violations in Myanmar and China.

“When we identify entities of national security or foreign policy interest in the United States, we add them to the entity list to make sure we can vet their transactions,” he said. in notes assistant secretary Thea Kindler.

Interestingly, US companies are barred from selling technology to their counterparts, which are blacklisted by the Department of Commerce, unless they have an outstanding, hard-to-obtain export license.

Relational tension

The blacklist was announced as the United States grew increasingly concerned about strengthening relations between Beijing and Moscow, especially after Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin signed a statement in February 2022 describing the Sino-Russian partnership as “unlimited”. .