Trade exchange between Iran and the European Union grows by 30 percent

The head office of the European Commission, Eurostat, has confirmed that trade exchange between the countries of the European Union and Iran has grown by 30% in the first nine months of 2022.

Eurostat reported that the trade turnover between Iran and the EU countries amounted to 3.947 billion euros, up 30% from the corresponding period in 2021, which at that time was 3.025 billion euros, noting that the EU-27 imports of Iranian goods from January to September 2022 was 799 million euros, up 28% on last year, compared to 623 million euros.

On the other hand, he confirmed that Europe’s exports to Iran increased by 31% to 3.148 billion euros, compared to 2.402 billion euros achieved in the corresponding period of 2021.

Eurostat notes that imports of Iranian goods to Europe in September 2022 amounted to 72 million euros and exports to 472 million euros, compared to 68 million euros and 308 million euros, respectively, last year.

Source: “Faris”