Train Sim World 2 Update 1.85 – Patch Notes on June 21, 2022

A new update has been released for Train Sim World 2 Update 1.85. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. The Train Sim World 2 Update 1.85. Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Core improvements

  • Added first batch of Licensed logos to Livery Designer, including…
    • GWR
    • Rhätische Bahn
    • MDV
    • Great Northern
    • Avanti West Coast
    • Thameslink
    • Gatwick Express
    • Southern
    • Union Pacific
    • West Midlands Railway
    • VTG
    • VVO


  • Improvements to loco physics when coupling
    • This is primarily to reduce Spirit of Steam derailment issues, which should, with this change, be less punishing
      • Note: due to this change, a couple of formations on Spirit of Steam are now extending over buffers
      • Edge Hill Sheds to Edge Hill Yards – 00:45
      • Edge Hill Sheds to Edge Hill Yards – 01:35
      • Edge Hill Sheds to Edge Hill Yards – 02:40
      • Edge Hill Sheds to Edge Hill Yards – 04:55
    • This is a known issue the team are investigating.

  • Removed Classic Controller layout lock on Ruhr-Sieg Nord, Great Western Express, Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr, Northern Trans-Pennine, and East Coastway, allowing greater compatibility with immersion controls
  • Added Pringles dynamic advertising and vending machines to stations on Bakerloo Line, Sand Patch Grade, and Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen – in preparation for new competition in association with Pringles and Game Pass (more details to come).
    • Please note: this will only be visible on PC and Xbox platforms, and not PlayStation

Great Western Express



  • PIS added to stations
  • Improvements to sky
  • Removed floating car stop sign at Slough Station
  • Improved lighting at Reading and Paddington stations
  • Moved a speed sign and speed warning sign from behind Overhead gantries on the approach to Southall station, in order to be more visible


  • Added two PCA cement train services (6M90 and 6M91) to timetable mode, using PCA tanks from Class 31 Add-on
  • [XBX/PC/PS5] Added additional freight service 6M49 departing Reading at 20:05 for Acton Yard
  • Amended scoring thresholds for Class 43/66/166 introductions so they are based purely off timetable tasks
  • For all scenarios, increased acceptable stopping distance from 1m to 5m for all tasks
  • For all scenarios, set all load tasks to automatically choose the door side at all stations
  • For ‘Drag Line’ Scenario:
    • Grounded all floating ‘walk to…’ markers at Reading station
    • Increased stopping zones to be less punishing
    • Removed requirement to wait until 10:15 to complete the arrival at Old Oak Common before entering the yard
    • Removed requirement to hold brakes for 5 seconds to complete the Brake Release objective before departing Kennet Bridge Loop outside Reading Station
  • For ‘West World’ Scenario:
    • Fixed AI trains appearing to run backwards
    • Adjusted arrival time at Reading to allow more realistic completion
    • Moved player start from facing a roof support on a bridge to a better position
  • ‘Down the Line’ scenario should now be completable after fixing a red light bug for the 09:46 service to Slough
  • Medals should now be more achievable for the route
  • Increased stopping accuracy requirement of player tasks in timetable mode and introductions to Class 43/66/166 from 5m either side to 10m either side
  • Fixed inability to complete ‘Christmas Closure’, if a player exits the locomotive cab at the end before closing the doors
  • Changed Hayes and Harlington Platform 5 marker and stopping point, so trains pull up at the end of the platform
  • Added stop marker to the buffers at Slough’s Platform 6, to encourage trains to stop there, rather than halfway along the platform
  • Dropped marker height for ‘Station Stopping’ tutorial to prevent it from floating
  • Added platform climb-up implementation for all platforms
  • Fixed issue whereby AI trains appeared to run backwards
  • Amended end-markers for Reading platforms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, to allow AI trains stopping at these platforms to pull right up to the bumpers
  • Removed ability for players to not be able to complete the Station Stopping tutorial after not following instructions

Rolling Stock

  • Replaced generic shipping container train with randomly mixable container brainds and officially licensed brands
  • [Coaches] – changed interior lighting to improve window reflection visibility
  • [Class 52] – Fixed an issue whereby the loco overheated and shut down
  • [Class 66] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [HST] – Added RailDriver compatibility
  • [HST] – Added Contact Signaller functionality
  • [HST] – changed lighting on windows to improve window reflection visibility
  • [Class 166] – Improved physics of loco based on player feedback
  • [Class 166] – Doors should now make correct noises when opening and closing
  • [Class 166] – External train noises should now be audible when opening passenger doors
  • [Class 166] – Made cab PIS screen readable, and added Camera View for PIS in the cab
  • [Class 166] – changed lighting on windows to improve window reflection visibility
  • [Class 166] – replaced seats, and made it so passengers can’t clip through the back of seats
  • [Class 166] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [Class 166] – Added Contact Signaller functionality
  • [Class 166] – Improved light reflection on cab windows
  • [Class 166] – Added animation for Dead Man’s Pedal
  • [Class 166] – Changed rain animation on windscreen to ensure that water trails are moving in the correct direction in relation to wipers
  • [Class 166] – inverted horn controls
  • [Class 166] – changed footsteps audio inside cab to be more realistic
  • [Class 166] – fixed cab doors operating the wrong side doors
  • [Class 166] – Fixed issue whereby train was stuck in traction lock
  • [Class 166] – Fixed issue whereby passenger doors could be open when train was in motion


  • Added Rush Hour Passengers


  • [Diesel Legends] Added Chinese translations

Northern Trans-Pennine



  • PIS added to stations
  • Improvements to sky
  • Improved track rendering
  • Improved lighting at Ashton, Stalybridge, Standedge, Mossley and Batley-Morley Tunnels
  • Improved lighting and shadows at Leeds, Huddersfield (and tunnel), and Manchester stations


  • Reduced medal threshold for Gold on ‘Rescue Run’ scenario to 4,500
  • Added in working level crossings
  • Changed ‘lightly raining’ to ‘full raining’ weather in ‘Down and Out’, and ‘Driving Rain’ scenarios
  • During the Class 45 and Class 47 introduction, moved stopping point at Manchester back from the signal to reduce the chance of SPADing if player overshoots
  • Added platform climbing functionality at all stations
  • Fixed return to First Person View not triggering

Rolling Stock

  • [Coaches] – changed interior lighting to improve window reflection visibility
  • [Class 101] – Improved RailDriver functionality (fixed non-functional controls)
  • [Class 40] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [Class 45-1] – Added RailDriver functionality
  • [Class 47-4] – Added RailDriver functionality


  • [Class 47] Added Livery Designer functionality (please search ‘NTP Class 47’ in Livery Designer)
  • Added a longer starting marker at Leeds station to cater for freight trains
  • Added Livery Designer compatibility back to NTP Mk1 and Mk2 coaches

West Somerset Railway

  • Added Rush Hour passenger behaviours
  • Added Mastery decals
  • Level crossings flipped to open the correct direction
  • Fix issue for Class 47 where it was possible to be operated from the platform through closed window of the loco
  • Moved static Class 52 from Minehead to Bishop Lydeard as it was too large on Minehead Turntable – replaced with Class 33 (currently at Bishop Lydeard)
  • Changed static 12t vans to allow them to be shunted on the route
  • Fixed objective to ‘set brakes to running’ getting stuck in the Class 09 and Class 47 tutorials

DB BR 182

  • Passenger doors can be opened
  • AI lights now are now functioning as intended

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