Training Yourself to Eat Less: Dr. Alexander Myasnikov’s Tips for Improving Your Diet and Losing Weight

Training to Eat Smaller Amounts

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov explains how one can train oneself to eat a smaller amount of food and improve the diet in order to get rid of excess weight.

Reducing Overeating

Myasnikov emphasizes that overeating is harmful and suggests reducing the amount of food and training oneself to eat smaller quantities. He explains that the hormonal system will gradually get used to this change, with the brain also participating in the process. Myasnikov believes that containing excessive appetite and exercising self-control will lead to a change in taste and preferences when choosing food. He considers reducing the amount of food consumed as necessary on the path to proper nutrition.

Controlled Hunger

Myasnikov encourages eating a healthy snack of vegetables and always feeling a little hungry. However, he does allow indulging in sweets, pastries, and other treats on holidays or once a month. Myasnikov emphasizes that nutrition is a basic instinct that gives joy in life and should be enjoyed properly to avoid the harms of overeating.

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