Trek to Yomi Update 1.07 – Patch Notes on June 06, 2022

A new update has been released for Trek to Yomi Patch Notes 1.07 with Patch Notes. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. The Trek to Yomi Patch Notes 1.07 on PS5 Patch Notes are now available for download for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Trek to Yomi Update 1.07 Patch no. 2

In today’s patch, They addressed the game’s combat system and more!

As you can see in the patch notes, there are several changes done to the parry and counterattack system and other combat changes. We hope that they are moving in the right direction and that you- the players, will approve those changes. We are looking forward to your feedback, so make sure to share your experience with the new patch here on Steam or our Discord server!

Without further delays, here is the changelog:


Improvements to the Counter/Parry tutorial part were made:

  • Time stops, and the tutorial pauses for the moment of the 1st successful Parry
  • Time stops, and the tutorial pauses again for the moment of the 1st successful Counter
  • Counter attacking was tweaked:
  • Slow-motion was removed after successful Parry to make counterattacking easier
  • Successful Counter attack can be now performed slightly earlier

Parrying was improved:

  • Some of the enemies’ initial attacks were slightly slowed down to increase the chance of a player’s reaction
  • Successful parry window for some enemies has been tweaked – according to their attacks animation

Other changes:

[*] Removed stun from the light overhead combo

[*] Fixed timings of some animations

[*] Player path is now more visible and clear

[*] Player now can use a double counterattack

[*] Ghoul counterattacks were tweaked

[*] Player now rotates automatically while falling down

[*] Fixed issue with NPCs collapsing if certain conditions are met

[*] D-pad icon now turns white when used

[*] Localization improvements

[*] Fixed issue with losing health and stamina upgrades after saving

[*] HP points now instantly disappear after being hit

[*] Fixed a rare bug with losing inputs after performing a specific combo and switching shots during its animation

[*] Adjustments to Sadatame in chapter 5 were made

[*] Fixed a glitch with the turnaround animation while in a tired state

[*] Fixed a glitch with NPC in cages in chapter 4

[*] Adjusted the parry distance

[*] Fixed an issue with puzzles in chapter 5 and chapter 6

[*] Improvements to UI in the inventory menu

[*] Fixed rare bug when players are losing all upgrades while entering chapter 7

[*] Fixed an issue with skipping dialogues with a few NPCs

[*] Fixed a bug with hiding a katana while attacking enemies

[*] Fixed issue with Heavy Brute attacks not affecting the Player in certain conditions

[*] Ashigaru Marksman’s shooting speed was adjusted

[*] Fixed issue where the Player was unable to rotate or move after using bo-shuriken in a tired state

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