Tripartite Naval Exercises Concluded by Russia, China and Iran in the Arabian Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that Russia, China and Iran concluded three naval exercises in the Arabian Sea, which included artillery fire against targets in ​​​​sea and in air.

The exercise took place off the Iranian port of Chabahar as Russian President Vladimir Putin prepares to host his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Moscow for a three-day visit starting Monday.

Russia has continued to conduct military exercises with its partners, in especially China, despite the pressure on its military due to the war in Ukraine that has been going for more than a year, as it has failed to make significant progress since last summer.

Joint naval exercises

The defense ministry said the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov and the Chinese destroyer Nanjing took part in the exercises, which took place on Thursday and Friday.

Equipped with the latest generation of Russian Zircon missiles, Gorshkov participated in joint naval exercises with China and South Africa last month.