Tristan Thompson is forced and ashamed to post a photo and a birthday message for his son, Prince Thompson, as baby mom Jordan Craig celebrates with their child

Maybe Tristan Thompson forgot, or he did it privately, but he was pushed by thousands to wish his son Prince a happy birthday with Jordan Craig.

Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend posted a sweet photo of a three-year-old Prince holding a giant balloon with this caption: “Happy birthday to my little boy Prince.” You are already 3 years old, and I remember holding you when you were born and telling you how amazing you are. Every day, you continue to surprise me with your development, your love and your big heart. Your smile illuminates every room in which you are. I thank God every day for choosing me to be your father. May God continue to bless you every day, son. I love you. “

Several hours earlier, many had attacked the NBA star for failing to speak about his son.

One person said, “It’s crazy how you have to show that you love someone on social media. How do you know he was not set to celebrate his son’s birthday? Sometimes you have to take care of your business.
I’m sure he told her in person or over the phone. The baby will not have social media to see a cry. ???? ”

Another respondent replied, “It’s sad because he’s his only son – he doesn’t recognize him better late than never but never late is better. ????????‍♀️ He only did it because he too was under pressure! ???? ”

Mama Jordan posted several adorable photos with her son celebrating the big day. In the past, a source spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed that she was raising her son alone.

The insider shared: “Khloe urged Tristan to be more involved in the life of his son Prince when they were together. She was always curious as to why he didn’t see Prince so much, and she was constantly asking questions. It was very important to her. She always questioned what was going on with Jordan, but she never thought that Tristan had cheated on Jordan with him. “

The girlfriend said: “Jordan has long felt that she is raising Prince alone. Tristan barely sees his son. Jordan is very frustrated when on social media, Tristan tries to seem so involved when he is not. It’s unfortunate, so she’s not at all surprised to see Khloe wrestling with Tristan’s involvement with True. Jordan has no ill will or feelings for Khloe. She loves her son so much and essentially raises him alone. ”


Do you think Tristan is more involved behind the scenes?

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