Troll 2 is in the Making – Norwegian Mountain Comes Back to Life

Troll 2: A Sequel to the Norwegian Film in Production

The Norwegian film, Troll, was a huge success on Netflix in 2022 and talks about a sequel immediately began. It has now been confirmed that the sequel is officially in production.

Possibly Two More Films?

“As a filmmaker, you always have the ambition to create something that can go beyond just one film. Of course, we had the idea of a sequel, and maybe even two more films,” filmmaker Espen Horn revealed shortly after its December release to Netflix. Although Horn did not have the green light from Netflix yet, he expressed their willingness to do it again because of the fantastic collaboration.

Troll 2 in the Making

Three-quarters of a year later, Horn can now proceed with the sequel. Netflix has decided to commission Troll 2 to be made. It will be created by the same team of director Roar Uthaug, writer Espen Auken, and producers Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud. The makers have not yet revealed the synopsis for Troll 2, except that it will bring us back to the Norwegian fairy tale world. In the first installment, a gigantic ‘monster’ awakened in the Dovre Mountains, destroying everything in its path towards Oslo.

Troll 2 Release Date

We will have to wait a while for Troll 2. The filming is scheduled for 2024, which means the release can be expected in 2025, or if we’re lucky, by the end of 2024.

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