Tropical storm Roslin will transform in a hurricane when it reaches Mexico

The US National Hurricane Center said tropical storm Roslin is expected to transform in a hurricane as it creeps into Mexico’s Pacific coast resort towns.

The center added in its latest report that the storm is expected to turn in a hurricane when it lands by Saturday night or Sunday morning.

The central map shows that the storm, which is now about 290km southwest of the Mexican city of Manzanillo, is expected to travel along the coast and then turn inland near the popular resort of Puerto Vallarta.

The storm in slow-moving winds of 110 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, the center said.

A Category 1 hurricane will have winds of at least 119 km. The center expects Roslin to reach speeds of 169 kilometers per hour as it approaches Puerto Vallarta for being a Category Two hurricane before dissipating inland.

The center expects Roslin to cause the sea to rise in what are known as storm tides, leading to “large coastal floods” near and east as the storm reaches land in “large, destructive waves”.