Trove Snowfest: Flamotrons, Horned Rumpfus and Troval Warming

Trovians, Qubesly is desperate for your help to preserve the glittering, sparkling world of ice needed to make it sweetheartThe Snowfest is the most beautiful event. Help him fight Troval Warming in a two-week adventure chain with seven tasks.

You have to test
Your skill, will and patience against the shattering horned rump, fight the
violent flamotrons and help Qubesly secure Subzero Snowflakes.

Sweat through everyone
Three new and unique NPC adventures for Snowy Seals every day
in special mounts or Frosty Treasure Boxes that are sure to cool you down

Your subzero
Meaningful snowballs that turn themselves the most can be made from snowflakes
angry creatures from cheeky to cute.

Special rewards are waiting for you
You every day for signing up. Request them all to improve your player’s performance
You have understood how to improve your gems and defeat the deepest shadows.

First time in
Snow festival story, your adventures will take you to another world. Geode
Topside’s dangers are many, and you have to face them all to show up

Find yourself under gifts in all areas of life and see the forest for the trees: Present and Tree Dungeons are back! Enjoy these festive newbies in the different worlds of Trove. Have you seen them all

Whether you’re looking for a dizzying ally or want to rock like Rudolph, come to sweetheart, We have the perfect Snowfest spirit to make your season happy and radiant!

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