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Trudeau takes part in a vigil: light will always be stronger than darkness


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined several thousand mourners in a vigil on Tuesday evening to commemorate the deaths of four people from three generations of Canadian Muslims, die killed as a result of a grieving community labeled a premeditated hate crime by police amid the crisis.

A pause to protest after a Muslim family was run over

“This is our city. You should never allow yourself to think differently because of your skin color, your beliefs or where you were born, ”said Bilal Rahal, Director of the London Mosque in Ontario, the participants in the vigil. This is our city and we won’t be going anywhere else. “


On Sunday, four members of a family were killed when they were at night in close to their home in London, Ontario, went for a walk, and die Police said: Someone was killed when hit by a pickup truck And he targeted her because of her religion. The victims are Salman Afzal, 46, his wife Madiha Salman, 44, and their daughter Yomna Afdal, 15. Afzal’s 74-year-old mother also died. Her son, Faez Afzal (9 years old), stayed in
Hospital on Tuesday after serious, non-life threatening injuries and is located in stable condition.

Nathaniel Feltman, 20, was charged with driving a pickup truck on the sidewalk and a family in Having driven to London, a city of more than 400,000 inhabitants 200 kilometers southwest of Toronto.

He was arrested a few hundred meters from the London mosque on Sunday, in which die Afzal family had stayed and where on Tuesday die Vigil took place.

In a speech at die To mourners, Trudeau said his government would take action without elaborating after placing flowers on the steps of the mosque. “It was an evil act,” added Trudeau, “but the light we get from people die are here today, and the light that shines on the life of the Afdal family will always be stronger than die Darkness.”

The majority of those die participated in the vigil, wore masks after an exception by the Ontario government, die it allowed die Hold vigil despite the restrictions related to the corona virus.

Were also present die Canadian opposition leader Erin O’Toole as well as other political leaders.

The attack sparked national outrage and led to similar vigils in Toronto, Vancouver and other cities in all of Canada.

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