Trump claims that Israel had “absolute” power’ over Congress

Donald Trump is facing backlash after playing off on what he called “dangerous” apathy of American Jews against Israel and claiming that the country once had “absolute” power” over the United States Congress.

During a recent interview with Israeli reporter Barak Ravid, Trump said he was Jewish people in the USA “or not like Israel or Israel doesn’t care. “Audio excerpts from the sit-down have been played on an episode of the podcast “Wicked: Two Jews” on the news’, issued on Friday.

I have to be honest, a very dangerous thing is happening. there is people in this country that they are Jews [who] no longer love Israel.

Trump said that a one period, Israel had “absolute power over Congress, “ adding that he thought it was “the exact opposite” today. He held Barack Obama and Joe Biden responsible for this presumably decreasing support for Israel in Washington.

“I tell you, evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews in this country,” Trump said, who he referred to his years in New York to note how “Many Jewish friends” had a “great love for Israel, which has dissolved over years for people in the United States.”

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'F ** k him': Trump rips former ally Netanyahu for disloyalty

‘F ** k him’: Trump rips former ally Netanyahu for disloyalty

The fact the Jewish one people still voted for Obama and Biden were proof that they don’t like or worry more about Israel, he said.

Trump held up the New York Times as an example of anti-Israel attitudes, claiming the newspaper “hates Israel”, despite being run from “Jew people. “ He pointed directly to the Sulzberger family, who they operated the newspaper for more of an century.

The former the president’s comments came quickly fire by Jewish groups, with the American Jewish Congress criticize trump for repeating “Radioactive anti-Semitic tropes” And “Feed dangerous stereotypes” while “[peddling] unfounded conclusions on the indissoluble ties that bind American Jews to Israel ”.

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