Trump in his prime post on his private network: “I’m back”

After questions about his imminent return to Twitter filled the circles of the mediaformer US President Donald Trump has finally cut his doubts by announcing his joining his new network.

Thursday, on his social network TRUTH, Trump released his first post on social media for the first time in more than a year.

Private Network will not return to Twitter!

“I’m back! #Covfefe”, wrote the president on TRUTH Social Thursday afternoon with a photo of himself in front of his house in Florida, referring to one of his tweets deleted in 2017 in to whom he denounced the media coverage of his administration.

He also pointed out that he will not return to the Twitter platform even with the purchase by Elon Musk of all the shares in the company, but will start using his network, TRUTH Social.

This happened after confirming in a statement to the American network “Fox News” last Monday that he would not return to Twitter even after Elon Musk bought the company and rewrote its accounts, adding that he would instead use his TRUTH Social as the only platform for his voice.

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He also hoped that the American billionaire would buy the blue bird because he would make improvements to it, considering Musk a good man.

However, he stressed not to return to the podium.

Similar to his favorite platform

Interestingly, Twitter on Monday afternoon announced it had accepted Musk’s offer to buy the company for $ 44 billion.

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Last February Trump launched the new platform of social “TRUTH SOCIAL” networking, but only for a limited number, as a trial period, on the Apple Store in the US with functionality similar to Twitter, which was once his preferred platform.

Additionally, specialists commented on the new news, noting that Trump was banned from posting on his Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts last year.

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