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Tuchel, Chelsea manager: Lukaku’s comments were “unintentional”


LONDON: Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel said on Tuesday that Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku’s comments in he criticized the German manager’s playing methods were “unwanted”, adding that the player had already apologized for them and had returned to training. Sunday, after Lukaku told Sky Italia he was unhappy with Tuchel’s style, adding that he would like to return in Italy at some point in his career. (Lukaku) apologized and returned in team during today’s training: “The most important thing for me was to understand clearly that his comments were not intentional and that he did not do it deliberately to cause a stir before a big match.” Chelsea from Inter Milan before the start of the season in a deal: “He made a noise you don’t want, but there is no doubt about his commitment to the team,” added Tuchel. Fearing any angry reaction from fans to Lukaku’s statements, Tuchel said it is now the player’s responsibility to “get rid of this mess,” adding that the club he would take care of him. If anyone is strongly in disagree with this proposal, I think we put the interest of the team first of all we do. “(Reuters)

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