Tuchel rebels against the referee and Ancelotti: So Real has risen

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has accused referee Simon Marciniak and video technology staff for believing he had caused his team to be eliminated from the Champions League quarter-finals , in his interview with reporters after his victory over Real Madrid in own home “Santiago Bernabeu” 3-2 in the position to determine the qualifications for the semifinals of the oldest cups of the old continent. The German manager insisted that his team was the best party for much of the match and deserved the ticket to the semi-finals, but luck was with the club of Meringue, setting an example with the controversial decision to cancel Marcos Alonso’s third goal, due to the presence of a touch of the hand on the Spanish left-handed before paying the ball in goal against Belgian Thibaut Courtois, jumbling question marks, on what he called a “right goal”, which influenced the course and the result of the match. The former Paris Saint-Germain coach told reporters: “Today there was only one team that got lucky, the disallowed goal scored by Alonso was correct, we deserved to qualify for the semifinals with no luck.” Your anger at Polish rule? I was disappointed to see him smile and laugh with the opposing coach, I think it’s not the time for that. After seeing a team fight to the last breath. I thought it was bad timing and told him. “In another interview with the sports network” BT “, he referred to the compliment of the referees at the Royal Club, not only in the match back, but also on the night of the three to one defeat at “Stamford Bridge” last Wednesday night, where he said: “I feel in the two games that the decisions have been in favor of the other team by 51%, but this is what happens when Real Madrid play in Champions League “, expressing his great sadness that the referee did not verify the decision (VAR) to cancel Alonso’s goal, the difference in the match. And speaking of the defeat and the match in general, said: “We played the way we wanted and showed the quality and character of this team. We deserved to qualify, however we didn’t have to go out today. There is no place for regrets now, we suffered from a big deficit to overcome. , because we made serious mistakes in the first leg, they exploited the mistakes with individual qualities, it was enough, because we made many of these big mistakes in the two games. ”As for the Real Madrid manager, in press conference said: “We were released after being in 3-0 delay, from that moment the fans began to push in forward the team. , in general. We were the team that deserved to go up in the 120 minutes and in the total round trip ”. He added: “We are proud of what we have done, we have played difficult games up to the semi-finals and we are happy for Villarreal, who gave Spanish football a big boost when everyone said that the level of the Spanish league is lower than the English Premier League. . The changes were to give energy, I replaced Nacho and Vinicius because they couldn’t continue, the game would have been tough because we didn’t deserve to be 2-0 down. ” With Real Madrid win over Chelsea 5-4 in total of two games, he will set up an appointment with the winner of Manchester City and Atletico Madrid in semifinal, and on the other hand, Villarreal, who qualified from Liverpool and Benfica, will wait, after the sensational surprise of the yellow submarine team, to overthrow Bayern Munich, beating them at “La Ceramica” with a clean net, and imposing a 1-1 draw in the return leg of the “Allianz Arena” on Tuesday night.